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This is a Row of Exclusive Permanent Skin Redeem Codes for Mobile Legends 2022!

This is a Row of Exclusive Permanent Skin Redeem Codes for Mobile Legends 2022!

Welcoming the MPL ID Season 9 Playoffs in 2022, MPL Indonesia x SPIN Esports will be giving away many permanent Mobile Legends skins exclusively.

This exclusive redeem code will certainly make you sure you will get the gift for free.

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Of course, this redeem code has very limited use, so who gets it first.

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Johnson Elite Skin Redeem Code

The exclusive redeem code will later contain Johnson’s Elite skin “Jeepney Racer” which you can get for free.

Later, there will be 5 redeem codes that will be distributed first so that those of you who are the fastest will certainly get the skin.

Without further ado, here is the MPL Indonesia x SPIN Esports exclusive redeem code which contains Johnson’s skin “Jeepney Racer”.

  • 2kgcyajfg9xu22eyk
  • 2mz4jbfqeqf522eyk
  • 7dqzun6497t922ezc
  • 2pfbeg7r7y2b22eyk
  • 2rephr3g5nr422fn2
  • vdvadpufsw8r22fmt
  • 2wb7tdpt2z7j22eyk
  • krwghk3juxhx22fn3
  • 35ku7bw95jxf22eyk

The redeem code is certainly active because it was directly given by Moonton exclusively to SPIN Esports

If later you fail to redeem the code above, then you can be sure that the code has been used by other users.

How to Redeem

Redeem ML

To redeem the code above, here are the steps you need to do:

  • Visit the official redeem website from Mobile Legends by clicking the link below:
  • Fill in the redeem code that has been obtained and your Mobile Legends ID to later get a number verification message in the in-game mail
  • Enter the verification code into the Code Verification tab
  • Click Redeem

By making sure you get a cool skin for free, of course, don’t miss out on exchanging the code, Spinners!

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