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This Is The Reason Oura GPX Created an Esports Team!

This Is The Reason Oura GPX Created an Esports Team!

We know that Oura, Donkey and Marsha have an Esports team, namely GPX. It turns out that there is a certain reason behind it all.

Of course, it was very unfortunate at that time Oura decided to retire from the competitive scene after winning the M1 world champion.

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The Reason Oura GPX Created an Esports Team

But we know it’s not an easy choice to make. And this is the reason Our finally formed an Esports team instead of continuing its struggle in the competitive scene.

Oura GPX
source: YT Qorygore

“Because of this, for example, if we become athletes, we will have a time. But if we have an esports team, we have a platform for new generations. The esports scheme also continues,” Oura said.

So, Oura thinks that if you’re just an athlete, there’s a time when you can’t continue playing or participating.

However, if he has an esports team, he feels that he can continue to follow the development of existing esports, it can also be a place for young players to develop.

How amazing is the statement from Oura who is now the owner of the GPX team. You could say that even though their Mobile Legends team has not yet reached the highest level, for other esports it is enough to compete with other teams that have been in the game longer.

Hopefully GPX can continue to grow, Spinners. Of course this will be a source of pride because the owner is a child of his own nation.

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