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This is the most OP Marksman Abyss Combo in Magic Chess

The Most OP Marksman Abyss Combo

Still like playing magic chess? If so, then you need to know which combo is OP in the MC patch this time.

As a magic chess fan, the admin has tried some of the existing Magic Chess combos. And of the many, according to the admin the abyss marksman combo is the most OP at this time.

This is because the two synergies are related from their respective effects. We know that in the marksman combo the effect we get is a reduction in the target’s defense and attack distance. Then for the abyss, that is additional attack speed for all heroes.

So, we can conclude that when this combo is finished, the marksman’s attack will be maximized, apart from penetrating damage, it can also attack quickly.

Tips for Comboing Marksman Abyss

Rank 1 Using the Abyss Marksman Combo

Well, if you are interested in trying, this time the admin will give some tips for compiling this combo.

At the beginning of the selection of the basic hero, make sure you take the Moskov hero so that you get the related hero from the two synergies.

After that, you prioritize looking for three marksman heroes first, so that the first synergy is active. While you also collect heroes that synergize the abyss.

After entering the mid game, make sure you maximize the two combos. And as usual, for heroes with common types like Miya, you must raise them to 3 stars.

Then, for the late game, you can adjust additional synergies again. Especially for the Fighter synergy, you can activate it with Argus and Terizla. So, you can customize one fighter depending on the blessings you get.

Well, for the selection of commanders, the admin personally prefers to use Buzz with his second skill which can give us several hero refreshes for the price of 1 coin.

If that’s the information along with short tips from the admin for compiling the abyss marksman combo. Hopefully useful and happy playing.