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This is the King's Duty in Rise of Kingdoms which is not easy

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Does activating the royal buff use gems?” – A fantastic question! The answer is Yes, everyone! Using gems to activate Kingdom Buff is a real thing and is rarely known by Rise of Kingdoms players. We will discuss it in this topic of King assignments in RoK.

That’s why it’s not uncommon for people to be skeptical and judge that being a King in the Rise of Kingdoms game is nothing more than a slave wearing a crown. Although that assumption is not entirely true, because there are many advantages to being a King.

There are now more than 2400+ royal servers in Rise of Kingdoms which means there are also at least 2400 players who become Kings in their respective Kingdoms. The myriad advantages of being a King are well understood.

But one of the drawbacks/disadvantages of being a King or King in Rise of Kingdoms is that it takes a lot of Gems for Buff activation and royal skills to be enjoyed by all players in the kingdom.

In fact, there are five royal buffs and 4 king skills in RoK currently:

1. Mobilize for War (Buff: Troops Training Speed ​​10%) = Wear activation Gems 2500.

2. From The Ground Up (Building Speed ​​10%) = 1200 Gems.

3. Healing First (Healing Speed ​​of Troops / Heal Troop 30%) = 2000 Gems.

4. Favorite Weather (Increases Natural Resources Production / Resource Production 20%) = 1500 Gems.

5. Industrial Revolution (Research Speed ​​30%) = 1800 Gems.

There were three Kingdom Buffs with a duration of 4 hours, while specifically for Favorable Weather & Healing First the duration was up to a maximum of 8 hours. Then there are four King Skills or king skills, namely:

1. Tax: Duration 8 Hours, the function Increases the Speed ​​of Collecting SDA on the map (Gathering Speed ​​50%) = 2000 Gems.

2. Imprison: Duration 10 minutes, its function locks the targeted city so it can’t be teleported. = 3000 Gems.

3. Leader: Cooldown 10 minutes, the function of adding buff damage to all troops in the vicinity that has been determined by the king.

4. Exile: Cooldown 72 Hours, function: an enemy city that uses the Peace Shield will be forced to move to zone 4 while in KvK Lost Kingdom, this can only be used on players from other kingdoms. This is the new skill that Lilith released yesterday.

So it’s clear, Buff Kingdom activation is not just pressing the check button at Lost Temple. But must be ready Gems to activate the royal buff.

According to the confession of the former King in kingdom #1930, he had to use 50-60 thousand Gems in total during the war in KvK 3 alone, to activate King Skills during the war in the Lost Kingdom. Not including KD buffs and so on.

Just like that? Oh of course not, the King has an even tougher task when KvK goes on. Starting from royal diplomacy to choose allies, managing kingdom territory and division of building structures so that large alliance buffs are evenly distributed.

To record the statistics of K/D players who contributed throughout KvK starting from contributions in war and honor points, to be fairer in the distribution of KvK final prizes if you win KvK.

All of this is not easy, considering that in every kingdom there are hundreds to thousands of active players who participate in KvK. Hence, a King needs help from a staff or a royal council called the Council. We discussed it in the article: Kingdom Council Duties.

As well as other tasks that are time-consuming and it’s hard to imagine how King dedicates his time to your Kingdom behind the scenes. That’s why we must appreciate the efforts of the King at least by not violating the basic rules of the kingdom and always following their directions.

If you hate the King’s rule, you should migrate to move the kingdom. And also imagine that there are some kingdoms that were once empty without a King at all, it was very messy, disorganized & automatically lost to KvK, because their players didn’t know what to do.

So who has the right to be king? Are there elections? No, the King is not elected by the citizens of the kingdom like a democracy. The King or King in Rise of Kingdoms is only for those who volunteer and are ready in various aspects, for example, as explained earlier, at least there are lots of Gems for royal Buff activation.

On average, those who become Kings in Rise of Kingdoms are not those who have the highest Power. Since the majority of the sultans in the RoK did not have time to manage a complicated kingdom, they were only ready to help in a fight when the time for war came.

Kings in Rise of Kingdoms aren’t always male either. In fact, female players are sometimes more understanding and able to organize kingdoms, for example the former King of kingdom #1954, a 20-year-old girl from London who led her kingdom to champion KvK Season 1 against #1960 and her allies.

So the King in Rise of Kingdoms requires minimal dedication of:

Responsiveness = Kings must know whatever is going on in their own Kingdom, as well as make decisions. He will get a report from the royal staff if there are urgent matters, for example provocateur players, MGE rule violators & internal war threats.

Fair = Even though he’s a king, it doesn’t mean he can freely win events at will. He has to be fair to all the players. Even if a friend in his own alliance breaks the rules, he still has to be punished according to the applicable punishment.

Luckily I have a wise King even though his decision is often considered controversial because imposing MGE benefits small F2P & Low Spender players to get legendary commanders. As long as everyone on the list to get the Gold Statue is a true fighter or one who likes to help contribute to the war in KvK.

Smart = Smart means not being careless, not selfish and always discussing with the Kingdom Council about big decisions. For example, choosing allies before KvK starts, you must be careful to win KvK and there will be no betrayal.

Being a king is indeed a tough task in Rise of Kingdoms, including consuming a lot of Gems during KvK. So don’t be surprised if your King likes to move the royal throne to a temporary farm account just to activate the Kingdom Buff.