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This is how to make old people's photos look moving

How to Make Old Photos Look Moving

Recently, there has been an application that has shocked social media networks. An application that has a function that can manipulate photos into motion.

Many users take advantage of the application’s features to make photos of their favorite people move, such as grandmothers or their families. According to netizens, this is able to treat his longing for someone who has passed away.

Well, for those of you who are curious to try, here BugisTekno will share how. Check out the tutorial below.

How to make old people’s photos move

The application that you have to download to move people’s photos is an application called MyHeritage. Luckily, you don’t have to spend a dime to use the features of this app, aka it’s free.

Please download the MyHeritage application on the Play Store. If so, then follow the instructions below.

1. Open the MyHeritage app, then create an Account.
2. If you have successfully registered, then select menu Add photos, then specify the photo you want to move. Make sure the face in the photo is clear and facing forward.
3. Then click Upload and wait a while.
4. Then click the button Animation to the right of the arrow icon.
5. Wait until the process is complete, then the photo will look alive and moving.
6. The last step, download the video to save to your gallery.

Done, that way you can make photos of people’s faces move. It’s just that recently, quite a lot of people have experienced difficulties in the registration process through this application.

This indicates that quite a lot of people want to reminisce through photos of someone they care about being moved. If you also experience these problems, keep trying to register. Because some also said it worked out after trying it many times each time.

That’s the tutorial this time on how to make photos of old people look moving for nostalgia. May be useful.