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This is the Hero Offlaner Who Auto Win By1 vs Guinevere Mobile Legends

Keep losing by1 with Guinevere? Don’t worry, here are the heroes offlaner that auto win when by1 with Guinevere Mobile Legends.

Guinevere is one of the heroes that Mobile Legends players rely on at this time. His name came back out into the game’s current meta after a long time.

It was all thanks to the buff he received a while ago. Now about that, for those of you who have difficulty fighting Guinevere in the exp lane, we have a hero counter.

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More precisely 1 hero offlaner who auto win by1 against Guinevere MLBB, who is he?


Mobile legends hero tanks

The offlaner hero that auto wins when by1 with Guinevere is Uranus. Hero offlaner with the highest regen among all other MLBB heroes.

Why did Uranus win against Guinevere? Because of his high blood regen, Guinevere couldn’t beat Uranus.

Not to mention that Uranus has pretty terrible damage that can be repaid continuously towards Guinevere. So even if Uranus is hit by the Guinevere skill combo he will not die and instead can fully regenerate his HP.

Uranus tires mobile legends

Anyway, this hero is the best against Guinevere in the Mobile Legends exp lane.

That’s the auto win offlaner hero when by1 with Guinevere MLBB, any comments?

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