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This is the Easy Way to Get Blessing Hero in Magic Chess

How to Get Blessing Magic Chess

Not long ago, magic chess re-released its latest update which aims to give players new sensations and challenges. With games that are just like that, sooner or later players will be bored and bored.

That’s the reason why Moonton always updates. Now, as for the new thing, there are new heroes, new synergies, and blessings. Blessing in magic chess is an additional ability on the hero when increasing his star.

Blessing is able to provide additional synergy or stars on certain heroes. However, this blessing appears randomly which makes the game look unfair. If one player gets a lot of blessings, we can confirm the winning percentage.

Even so, it turns out that there is a trick that can provide a great opportunity for players to get the hero blessing. This is what I will discuss in the following article, let’s have a look.

Here’s How To Get A Lot Of Blessing Hero Magic Chess

I will explain step by step, but you need to know that the discussion of this article does not only lead to how to get a lot of blessings, the goal is that you can also understand better how to play magic chess in this latest update.

1. Focus on Upgrading 2 Star Heroes

To get a lot of blessings, at the beginning of the game you have to focus on increasing the 2-star hero. So it’s not about synergy, but how to make a 2-star hero.

That is, you just need to look for a 2-star hero at the beginning of the game, when you get the blessing then you create a synergy according to the hero who managed to get the blessing.

2. Storing Blessing Heroes in Reserve Slots

After you successfully get the first blessing, make sure you save the hero in the spare slot when another hero of yours will rise to 2 stars. This is a trick that can increase the chances of a new blessing appearing.

However, moving the blessing hero to a spare slot also requires speed, so you won’t be late with the remaining preparation time. So after upgrading a 2-star hero, successfully getting the blessing or not, you must immediately return the blessing hero to the battle position.

3. Stick to 6 Hero Slots Until You Get Blessing and 3 Star Heroes

In addition, to increase the chance for blessings to appear, increase the number of hero slots. Ideally, the number of hero slots to easily get blessings is the 6th slot. In the 6th slot, try not to upgrade to 7 if you haven’t received any blessings at all.

The hero 6 slot is also a very good position for the process of upgrading a 3 star hero. So, try to stay on the 6th slot until you get the blessing and also a 3 star hero.

4. Focusing on Creating Synergies According to the Synergy of Hero Blessing

Next, when you manage to get a 3-star hero and a blessing, then it’s time for you to upgrade to your 7th hero slot. This slot indicates that you’ve entered the late game, which means you can focus on items and synergies to increase your blessing and 3-star hero abilities. .

Focus on activating synergies on heroes who have blessings and 3-star heroes to further increase the hero’s fighting ability.

So in conclusion, remember again, that you must continue to transfer the blessing hero to the spare slot when your hero will star up, in order to increase the chance of getting a new blessing on the hero.

Well, maybe that’s my little explanation regarding the easy way to get the hero blessing in the latest magic chess update. I have tried this method and from personal experience it is very effective. Hopefully useful and happy playing.