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This is the easiest way to top up the most practical OVO balance!

The Most Practical Way to Top Up OVO Balance

Along with the development of technology, it is now easier for us to carry out various transaction needs. Just by holding your favorite cellphone, you can send or receive payments.

One of the most popular is the OVO application. In addition to transaction services, the OVO application also provides various purchase features such as credit, internet quota, electricity tokens and much more.

Therefore, how important it is nowadays for people to have a digital wallet application to make payments easier. In the following, BugisTekno will tell you how to easily top up your OVO balance.

How to Top Up OVO Balance Easily

OVO has provided various ways to make it easier for users to top up their balances. Of the various methods, of course there is the easiest, that’s what I will convey here.

Well, here are the steps on how to top up your OVO balance with the most practical ease:

  1. Open your OVO application, then select menu Top Up.
  2. Then select Other Method then select menu ATM.
  3. Next select the type Bank BNI. In the instructions in the application, please note your virtual account number. For example, 8470 081234567890.
  4. If you have the sms banking feature, then all you have to do is send the balance to your virtual account number.

As for your OVO virtual account number, namely: 8740 + 12 digits registered mobile number. So, this virtual account becomes the account number for your OVO account.

You need to know if your cellphone number is only 11 digits, then you need to add the number 0 in front of it to become 87400 + 11 digits. And vice versa if your number is 13 digits then your virtual account is 874 + 13 digits phone number.

That way, you can easily top up your OVO balance for various transaction purposes. The minimum top up balance is 20 thousand rupiah and the fee is only one thousand rupiah.

So this article is about how to easily top up the most practical OVO balance via SMS banking. I hope this helps.