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This is the Best & Most Perfect Spell in Mobile Legends

Of the many spells in Mobile LegendsHowever, according to SPIN Esports, there is only one best and most perfect spell created by Moonton.

It is recorded that there are more than 10 different spells created and applied by Moonton to the game Mobile Legends. They all have different effects.

Starting from spells that can increase lifesteal, increase blood, provide thick shields, teleport, kill opponents and so on.

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So from the many spells according to SPIN Esports, there is only one spell that is the best among all, what is that spell?



The spell is Execute, a million people spell that is usually used by offlaner heroes. Its function and effect is very large when used by offlaner heroes, therefore this spell is the explaner’s favorite.

The Execute Spell itself can basically do big damage to a specified opponent hero, so this spell is often used to instant kill the opponent.

Usually players use this spell when the enemy’s blood is low, therefore the explaners are greatly helped by the presence of this spell, because it is good for by1.

Spell ML
Photo via Tekno Kompas

Then why do we call this spell the best and perfect? The answer is because the function and influence is very large in the course of the game.

Even though it was nerfed some time ago, this spell is still the best and easy to use by anyone, including novice players.

That’s the best and most perfect spell Moonton created into the game Mobile Legendsyou need to remember that this article is only the opinion of the author.

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