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This Forgotten Hero Mage Effectively Counters Meta Marksman Mobile Legends

You have to know that this forgotten hero mage is effective for counter meta marksman Mobile Legends, who is this hero? Listen carefully.

Meta marksman has become very popular recently in Mobile Legends, after simultaneously being buffed by many marksman heroes who immediately dominate the game meta.

Regarding that, of course, these marksman heroes have counters and are easy to defeat, like this forgotten mage hero who is easy to counter the Mobile Legends meta marksman.

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Harley – Little Magician

Harley ML

The forgotten hero mage who is very effective in countering meta marksman is Harley, this hero is the most feared by all MM heroes because of his terrible abilities.

Harley can kill all marksman heroes in just seconds thanks to his combo skills.

Not to mention Harley’s mobility is very high so that marksman heroes are very difficult to counter Harley’s attacks so he can just die.

Playing Harley itself is very easy, this hero is perfect for even novice players. You just need to learn to use the skill combo.

Harley mlbb

That’s the forgotten hero mage that you can choose to counter the meta marksman in Mobile Legends, which is currently popular.

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