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This Cute 2D Dino Draft FF Bundle is Present on the Indo Server, Here's How to Get it!

This Cute 2D Dino Draft FF Bundle is Present on the Indo Server, Here’s How to Get it!

Recently, Free Fire (FF) has brought a lot of new events that bring interesting special items and skins, both free and paid.

Although many items can be obtained for free, some spin events are still a mainstay for players to get certain items.

The reason is, by participating in the event, players can get special items that are only present in that event.

The closest, we will have a new spin event that brings a number of unique and funny skin series.

Yep, the Cute 2D Dino Draft FF Bundle has been confirmed to be coming to Free Fire. Here’s a more complete review, Spinners!

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Cute 2D Dino Draft FF Bundle

2D Dino Draft is a unique skin series on Free Fire. Its uniqueness has proven to be successful in attracting the attention of players in Brazil by becoming one of the best-selling bundles there.

In appearance, this bundle looks very cute with a fairly unique costume. The reason is, this skin does not look like a Free Fire bundle in general because it has a two-dimensional image like an image in a comic.

Not only that, players can also use special effects that are specifically applied to the bundle which is more or less like a special emote.

According to a leak from YouTube Kulgar, one of the most unique bundles on Free Fire can be obtained on the Indonesian server in the near future.

To be precise, players can get it in the Comic Dino Spin event which will start on April 1-30, 2022.

Here are a few tips and steps you can follow to get them!

  • Spin to get prizes, one of which is the 2D Dino Draft Bundle
  • The price is 19 diamonds for one spin and 79 diamonds for 5 spins
  • Get 50% discount on the first spin and 50% for two 5 spins
  • The prizes you get will go to the vault/collection/weapons

In addition to the main prize, you also have the opportunity to get other Dino skins such as grenade skins and Free Fire pans.

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That’s all the information you need to know about the Comic Dino Spin event, where players can get a very unique grand prize!

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