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These Favorite Items Will Get Buffs, Make Hero Assassins More OP!

These Favorite Items Will Get Buffs, Make Hero Assassins More OP!

Entering mid-April 2022, Moonton has certainly prepared several updates that will be released in the upcoming Mobile Legends patch update.

Starting from new heroes, heroes who will get buffs and nerfs and don’t miss the adjustments that will occur on several items.

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Interestingly, there will be two favorite items for assassins that will get buffs so that they will certainly make these heroes even more OP.

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Two Assassin Items Get Buff

Photo via Mobile Legends Update

Seeing the META tanks that are currently starting to dominate the Land of Dawn, it seems Moonton will make assassin heroes to be able to compete again.

The reason is, they themselves have planned buffs to be obtained from items that are usually often used by Assassins, namely Blade of Heptaseas and Shadow Twinblades.

Therefore, here are the buffs that will be received by these two items that will make assassin heroes a little stronger.

Blade of Heptaseas and Shadow Twinblades

  • Fighting with minions or creeps will now not reset item passives.

Although the buff that will be received by the two items is not too significant, of course this can help assassins maximize the passive ability of these items.

The reason is, the passives of the two items are indeed the same where you have to take damage or give damage for 5 seconds to be able to get an increase in basic attacks.

Of course, with this buff, assassin users don’t have to worry about the passive stack being lost while farming.

So, those are the two favorite assassin items that will soon get a buff from Mobile Legends in the upcoming patch update.

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