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These are 5 Tips to Push Rank PUBG Mobile in the Style of Indonesia's Number 1 Conqueror!

These are 5 Tips to Push Rank PUBG Mobile in the Style of Indonesia’s Number 1 Conqueror!

  • The number 1 Conqueror player in Indonesia and number 6 in Asia, ZAN, shared push rank tips for PUBG MOBILE players who want to reach Conqueror.

Conqueror is the rank (rank) highest in PUBG MOBILE which is certainly the target of all players. Competition to achieve rank It’s so tight because there are only 100 players who can enter the player list Conqueror at each server.

Through a short interview with PUBG MOBILE Indonesia, Conqueror ranked 1 in Indonesia, ZANshare some 5 tips for players who want to push rank easily to reach Conqueror.

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Playing Barbarian

Photo via PUBG Mobile

The first tip to get up to speed quickly Conqueror is to play aggressively aka barbaric. According to the owner of the account named (UID: 510002431), playing barbarian is very profitable because it gets higher points than just relying on it. placement.

For high points better barbarianbecause if you only get chicken, you get a little point,” replied the player who was ranked 6th in Asia (13/4/2022).

On the other hand, he also suggested that players should also stay alive as long as possible so as not to fall at the start and lose points.

Barbarian must be strategicyou can’t just be barbaric, because the stakes are minus a lot of points T,” he continued.

Use M416 + UMP Weapon Combination

Photo via PUBG Mobile

Don’t forget, ZAN also shares recommendations for his favorite weapon when he’s busy push rank. No different from most other players, ZAN chose M416 as his main weapon, then combined it with other weapons as needed.

I actually prefer to use M416 + sniper bolt action (Kar98k, M24, or AWM), but since the enemy is already like a tournament, it’s better to use M416 + UMP,” he said.

Play in Folder Erangel

Source: PUBG

From 5 folder available games in mode rankedZAN chose Erangel as folder his favorite. “Erangelbecause in my opinion the best map for playing barbarians,” said the player who idolized the BTR Ryzen.

The player with 7281 total ratings (13/4/2022) also recommends players to push rank in folder themed, such as Spider-Man: No Way Home or Vibrant Anniversary, because they provide features that support the barbarian style of play, for example Recall Tower and Supply Shop.

Definitely in the (map) event let don’t get bored quickly. In addition, there is a recall system in the event, so it can be barbaric without fear too soon,” he continued.

Push Rank Midday

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Another tip shared by ZAN is how to choose the time push rank right. According to ZAN’s experience, play mode ranked during the day is more profitable than at night.

For those who want points it’s better to push during the day because the enemy is not as hard as the night. If you want the enemy to be hard, push at 8 pm and above,” advice.

Moreover, he also advised the players not to rush push rank on the first week of the season opens. This is to avoid the chance of losing due to meeting players who are too strong, even leading to points minus.

If you just want to chase Conqueror, it’s better just relax, at least until Ace in the first week. Well, in the second, third or fourth week, just push to Conqueror because the enemies aren’t that hard at the end of the season,” said ZAN.

Play with Friends

Photo via PUBG Mobile

Lastly, while playing mode squad, make sure you always play with friends you already know. This simplifies the process of communicating and making strategies because each player already knows their respective duties.

This is also necessary to avoid having players who play badly so that they burden other team members, either intentionally or unintentionally.

Of course, if you push to Conqueror it must be with a team that also intends to push rank, don’t play random especially solo squad” he concluded.

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