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These are 5 Tips to Be Good at Sniper Roles in PUBG Mobile According to DG Millyano

These are 5 Tips to Be Good at Sniper Roles in PUBG Mobile According to DG Millyano

DG Esports team Sniper player, Millyano “Millyano” Syauqi, shares 5 tips for mastering the sniper role in PUBG MOBILE like a professional player.

Sniper including role important in the game PUBG MOBILE. Mastering long range shooting skills, a Sniper relied on to break through the opponent’s defense when the team is in trouble.

Through a short interview with PUBG MOBILE Indonesian, player Sniper team DG EsportsMillano “Millano“Syuqi, share 5 tips to master Sniper role in PUBG MOBILE like a professional player.

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Choose a Weapon and Attachments right

Photo via PUBG Mobile

Millano recommends AWM as bolt action rifle mainstay, with suppressor, cheek pads, extended quick draw magand x8 scopese as attachments-his. The reason is, AWM is a weapon “One Shot, One Kill” which can paralyze the enemy even wearing a level 3 Helmet.

However, a Sniper not armed enough sniper rifle only, but must also have secondary weapon for close to medium range combat. For this, Millyano recommends weapons auto like M416.

You can’t just use a sniper, you need a secondary weapon. The recommendation is to use M4 (M416) suppressorvertical (vertical foregrip), quick draw magbutt (tactical stock) and x6 scopeso it can be used for close range and medium range,” said Millano.

Take note Positioning

What is PUBG Mobile Bolt Action Rifle
Photo via PUBG Mobile

In order to keep his whereabouts a secret, a Sniper required to be good at placing themselves in a safe position (positioning), be it by hiding behind a wall, blending in with nature, or shooting from a height.

Snipers must be able keep the perfect positioning like invisible enemy & shoot while crouching. Don’t stay too long so it’s not easy to kill“explained Millano.

Aim for the Head

Photo via PUBG Mobile

As a SniperMillyano always tries to knock out the opponent as quickly as possible, the way is aiming for the head (headshot). For that, it is necessary aim accurate which can be obtained with a lot of practice.

Aim for the head so that with one hit you can knock your opponent, but of course you need an accurate aim on the head to get one shot one kill,” said Millano.

Understanding Bullet Drop

Photo via PUBG Mobile

According to Millano, the right weapon and aim being accurate is not enough for a person Sniper to be able to shoot the head properly. Due to having to shoot from a great distance, a Sniper need ability analyze bullet drop in order to predict where the bullet will land.

Must be able to analyze the bullet drops, because if you don’t understand where the bullet will land, you will have the potential to miss when shooting,” he explained.

Take note Timing Peep (Peek)

Photo via PUBG Mobile

Besides positioning, timing for peep (peek) also important for a Sniper to be safe from backlash (counter). Millano advised players not to do peek too long to keep their position from being exposed.

Peeking too long / too open body can give the opponent an advantage so that they can kill the sniper in seconds, so back again you have to maintain positioning,” said Millano.

That’s 5 good tips Sniper role in PUBG MOBILE ala DG Millano. Let’s try it right away!

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