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These are 5 Android Apps to Find Baby Name Inspiration!

Baby Names Android Application

Finding inspiration to name a newborn baby is not as difficult as it used to be in the past. In the past, parents could only get name inspiration from family or books, or even just give a name without knowing what the name given to their baby meant.

In fact, baby names are gifts from parents who have prayers and good hopes for their children in the future. That way of course we have to give a good meaningful name for our baby.

As the world of technology develops, it is now easier for us to find the right name to give to our beloved baby through an application that can give us references to names that have good meaning. There are many baby name applications that we can download on the Playstore. Here are some of the applications.

List of Apps to Find Baby Name Inspiration on Android

1. Baby Names with Meaning

This application also provides a collection or reference for complete baby names for baby boys and girls arranged in alphabetical order. The baby names available include baby boy and girl names, Islamic, Sanskrit, Modern, Javanese and others.

2. Modern and Islamic Baby Names

When a child is about to be born, one of the most important things is to prepare a baby name. As parents, we should not be careless in giving baby names, especially for baby boy or girl names. This application contains Islamic baby names complete with Islamic name meanings.

3. Name Meaning

In this application, you can search for the meaning of your name and make a poster. This application provides more than 100 backgrounds and 100 fonts that you can edit according to your creativity. Then you can also share it on social media.

4. Islamic Baby Names

This application is a collection of Islamic Baby Names consisting of 1 to 3 words from A to Z. There are thousands of Islamic baby names that you can use as inspiration in naming your beloved baby.

The main feature of this application is to generate baby names, with this feature you can find an unlimited number of words. You can save your favorite features if you find a good enough name to compare them later.

You can also search for baby names in the baby name list menu which you can display based on gender, number of words and the prefix of AZ.

5. Namly – Baby Name

This Baby Name application is a new way for you and your partner to find the right name for your baby. Baby Name features over 30,000 unique names each with meaning and origin.

So, those were 5 applications that you can download to find inspiration for baby names that suit you and your partner. Hopefully it’s useful. Thank you (: