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These 4 Characters Get Buffs, Will Meta After OB33 FF Update?

These 4 Characters Get Buffs, Will Meta After OB33 FF Update?

This massive OB33 patch update was released on March 23, 2022 yesterday. Various new things ranging from new characters, features, and events have also graced the battle royale game at this time.

However, apart from that, it turns out that there are still many important things that players must know in the update patch this time, so as not to miss new information.

One of them is about characters who get additional abilities or buffs in the OB33 patch update that is already valid today.

Want to know more information about FF characters that will become Meta after the FF OB33 update? Come on, see below!

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OB33 FF Meta Characters

Caroline character ff

One of the most beautiful characters in Free Fire gets a buff on his Extremely Agile skill. This buff increases his speed when running holding a Shotgun weapon.

The buff obtained was unmitigated, at the maximum level of Caroline’s Movement Speed ​​increased by 13 percent, where previously it was only 8 percent.

Of course, this buff is quite influential, considering that there is a nerf Range against almost all Shotgun-type weapons in Free Fire.

new character ff othos
Source: YouTube Dynamic Player

The character that was just released some time ago, Otho, also feels the buff in this update. The Memory Mist skill that can detect enemies will increase the radius and duration of the skill, so that it can reach a larger area.

If previously Otho was able to reach up to 50 meters, now the 21-year-old student is able to reach an area of ​​up to 75 meters at the maximum level and last for 6 seconds.

Rafael is arguably one of the characters who gets a pretty terrible buff. The reason is, a man named the Hitman can drain the blood of an enemy who was shot very quickly.

Especially when using Sniper and Marksman Rifle. Rafael is able to make enemies lose HP 90 percent faster at maximum level.

ff advance buff character

The buff that Thiva got in this update can be a recommendation for those of you who want to play role support in Free Fire. The reason is, Thiva gets an increase or buff to the revive time he does to be faster.

Not only that, he is also able to recover more HP by recovering 50 HP in 5 seconds at his maximum level.

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That’s a line of characters that get a buff in the OB33 patch update, which allows all four characters to become Meta this season.

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