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There is an additional Diamond ML Promo from Moonton for free

As we expected before that Moonton will definitely give a diamond promo or yellow diamond ML addition.

Now, regarding that, Moonton presents an event that is currently still in a hidden status. At this event, players can get additional diamond promos for free.

Then how to play and how many additional diamonds can we get? Read the reviews carefully.

Cheap MLBB Diamonds

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Additional ML Yellow Diamond

Additional diamond promo

In total there are approximately 55 additional yellow diamonds that you can secure, on condition that you must complete all available missions.

In more detail, how to participate in this event is as follows:

  • Open the following link or click events extra diamond promo this
  • After that, directly login to your respective MLBB account.
  • Complete the mission, the only mission available is “share event”.
  • If you have then you can get this additional diamond promo.
  • But keep in mind, the yellow diamond from this event can only be used by your account on April 28, 2022.
  • Done

Because the mission is only one, which is to share events, then you must work together with your friends to help each other and get additional diamond promos.

Event Rules

For event rules and other provisions, you can see in full and clearly through this video or directly open the event from the link above.

That’s the diamond promo or yellow diamond Mobile Legends (ML) addition of free moonton, good luck.

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