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There's a Free Gloo Wall & Surfboard BTS FF Edition Skin, So Cute!

There’s a Gloo Wall Skin and a Free Surfboard BTS Free Fire (FF) Edition, So Funny!

The presence of the Free Fire (FF) collaboration event with BTS has brought many advantages for players in terms of free items and skins.

The reason is, players can claim prizes for this rare collaboration edition just by completing existing missions.

However, every event must have an ending. Yep, the event titled Gen FF which brings all the skins of the BTS edition this time has been going on for quite a while since March 25, 2022. And this event will enter the Peak Day Event on April 7th.

In order to welcome the peak of the event, players can get a free BTS FF edition Skin only in the following way!

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Free FF BTS Edition Skin

free bts ff skins

At the peak of this Gen FF event, players have the opportunity to get two cool prizes at the same time as the BTS special edition.

The two skin items that are very cute and adorable to own are the main prizes in one of the Gen FF missions.

The two items are Gloo Wall Pinky Kitten and also Breezer Surfboard. Where, both of them have special BTS designs.

You can get both at once by completing the Peak Day mission on April 9, which requires players to complete the game within a certain time.

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As quoted from, here are the details of the mission and the prizes that will be obtained:

  • Play 30 minutes: Breezer Surfboard Free Fire
  • Play 45 minutes: 3x Incubator Voucher
  • Play 80 minutes: Gloo Wall Pinky Kitten Free Fire

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That’s information about the Free Fire mission which gives you two unique and funny items to get for free. Don’t forget to visit SPIN Website for other latest updates, and follow Instagram and Youtube we.