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The Strongest Kingdom in Rise of Kingdoms, Never Lose KvK

the strongest kingdom in the rise of kingdoms

Who is the strongest Kingdom or Kingdom of Rise of Kingdoms? Until I typed this article, there have been more than 2410+ royal servers in the RoK game in the 3 years since it was first released as Rise of Civilizations.

One kingdom can contain hundreds to thousands of players. However, the large number of players will be useless if they cannot contribute to the war in the Lost Kingdom Event or KvK (Kingdom vs Kingdom).

Because now the kingdom needs Fighters, not Farmers. Although most of our time in the RoK game is spent on farming, but when the time comes for war, players must be ready to work hard to help their kingdom exist.

Who is the Strongest Kingdom in Rise of Kingdoms Now?

Out of 2400+ kingdoms there are only a few strongest kingdoms in Rise of Kingdoms. Among them are the players with the highest power, the most number of kill points (KP), and the players with the highest total T5 and T4 kills in the game.

Some Kingdoms haven’t even tasted defeat at all in KvK. From the data analysis conducted by Razelion, Red Panda and Implosive State from the RoK board team, several conclusions were drawn.

They calculate and calculate the strongest Kingdom of Rise of Kingdoms by taking a number of aspects, including the following:

  • The Kingdom with the highest total Power Ranking.
  • The kingdom with the highest number of T5/T4 Kills.
  • The Kingdom with the most Death Troops (Number of Dead Troops).

The calculation of the kingdom with the greatest power is taken from the ranking data of the Top 300 players on a Kingdom server.

Meanwhile, data for the number of Kill Points and how many Kill T4/T5 Troops and how many troops died and died on the battlefield were also calculated to prove that they are true fighters in the Rise of Kingdoms game.

Players or kingdoms with a large number of kill & death (K/D) in Rise of Kingdoms are more respected in the RoK community than high Power but below standard KD numbers.

Top 10 Strongest Kingdoms in RoK Based on Power

The following is the strongest kingdom server in Rise of Kingdoms if you calculate the total power of the 600 governors or players in each Kingdom data update as of September 2022.

RatingKingdomTotal Powerhighest
1#130754,250,679.051AvG Mad
2#155653,179,468,902Pho x VN
9#111444,519,772,093George Wolves (in Chinese)

Speaking of #1307 – This Kingdom has been unbeaten in KvK since season 1 until now it’s almost 2 years old. They went through dozens of KvKs, faced various enemies, the last time #1307 was hit by 3 Kingdoms at once (#2022, #2022, and #1683) but still managed to win.

The King’s strong principle, the distribution of prizes or rewards at the end of KvK which is always fair, and the many fighters gathered to form their own community in the real world, made many players survive in #1307, not even a few RoK sultans from other kingdoms asked for migration into this KD to joined but was rejected due to no available space. Unless they want to stay in Zone 1.

Update: Kingdom #1307 finally lost for the first time in KvK history. They lost the 4 vs 1 battle, where the four against 1307 at that time were kingdom #152, #202, #1623, and 166.

That’s the order of ranking the strongest kingdoms in Rise of Kingdoms from data compiled as of September 2022, the possibility of change is always there. Because the power of each player can decrease and increase at any time.