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The Sickest Miya Build 2022, the Enemy Immediately Disappears!

Miya Mobile Legends

In this review, the admin will share the list of the sickest Miya builds that can make enemies instantly disappear. But, before that, the admin will discuss a little about the Miya hero.

For those of you Mobile Legends players, of course, you are already familiar with Miya’s hero, right. Yep, Miya is one of the marksman heroes that has been around for quite a while, even so this hero is still very dangerous.

As for Miya has skills that are quite troublesome, such as due to her ultimate skill that is able to make her invisible until she is able to escape the effects of CC.

Meanwhile, Miya’s basic skill is also to rely on the attack speed side so that when attacking, the enemy can instantly disappear. But, of course, come back again with your teamwork, as well as the selection of the build structure to maximize Miya’s abilities.

Miya’s Skills Explanation

Before entering Miya’s build structure, you must first understand Miya’s skills. Below the admin will explain one by one.

  • Passive Skill – Moon Blessing: Every time Miya hits an enemy with an arrow attack, she will get an additional 5% attack speed. This effect has a stack of up to a maximum of 5 so that in total Miya can get an attack speed of 25%. In addition, when the stack is full Miya will also summon Moonlight Shadow like a shadow but also help attack the enemy.
  • Skill One – Moon Arrow: Miya will shoot two additional arrows. So, in total Miya will attack with three arrows at once. So that it can drain the enemy’s blood at once to death.
  • Skill Two – Arrow of Eclipse: For skill two, Miya will shoot a lot of arrows to the specified area. This can give an immobilize effect on enemies who are directly hit. In addition, it will also be exposed to a slow effect of 30% for opponents who are around the attack area.
  • Ultimate Skill – Hidden Moonlight: One of the skills that has more value for Miya is this ultimate skill. Yep, with this skill, Miya can disappear and increase movement speed for 2 seconds. In addition to attacking, Miya’s ultimate skill is also good for escaping or avoiding enemy attacks. Moreover, Miya also immediately reaches the full stack after using this skill.

Well, if that’s an explanation of Miya’s skills that you need to understand in order to be able to use Miya’s hero more optimally. Next, we go into the following discussion of the build structure.

Miya’s Build in Mobile Legends hurts

For Miya’s build arrangement, you must use items to increase critical chance and attack speed. Even though Miya’s passive skill already has an attack speed, but you also still need more so that the attack is faster.

In addition, you also need additional penetration items in order to reduce the defense effect, especially for thick opponents. Well, for more details, let’s take a peek at the following build of Miya’s BugisTekno version:

Build Miya Hurts
  1. Swift Boots: Increases movement speed and attack speed.
  2. Windtalker: Increases attack speed, movement speed, critical chance and passive gives additional magic-type damage.
  3. Scarlet Phantom: Increase physical attack, attack speed, critical chance and passive attack speed increase every time a critical attack occurs.
  4. Berserker’s Fury: Increases physical attack, critical chance, critical damage and passive increases the hero’s physical attack.
  5. Wind of Nature: Increases physical attack, attack speed, physical lifesteal and immunity to all physical damage when activated.
  6. Blade of Despair: Increases physical attack, movement speed and passively increases the hero’s physical attack.

Miya Emblems and Spells

In addition to the build, the admin has also prepared the right emblem, talent and spell. The good emblem for Miya’s hero is the emblem Marksman with talent Weakness Finder.

Miya Emblems and Talents

With this emblem, Miya is able to reduce the opponent’s attack speed and movement speed in a short time so that Miya is able to keep up with the opponent’s marksman and even win the duel. Meanwhile, for Miya’s spells, a good spell is Inspire which can maximize Miya’s damage so that the opponent can be directly eliminated.

Then, for Miya’s hero laning position, it’s good for you to use it for gold lane. Hero Miya is a late game hero, so when using it, make sure you play patiently and just farm so that the item builds are fast.

Well, if that’s enough reviews this time about the sickest miya build that can make the enemy instantly disappear. Hopefully useful and can make you even better at playing.