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The Results of the Free Fire (FF) Bundle Design by 7 BTS Personnel!

The Results of the Free Fire (FF) Bundle Design by 7 BTS Personnel!

After waiting for a long time, Free Fire (FF) has finally released a leak of the most awaited item in its collaboration event with Bangtan Boys (BTS).

Yep, as it is known that Free Fire presents a special bundle in this collaboration, which is to issue a bundle designed directly by each BTS personnel.

RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Junkook, have succeeded in making their respective versions of the bundle designs and will be released in the form of a costume on Free Fire.

The seven BTS personnel made different designs and had their own uniqueness. So that players can choose the bundle they want according to what they idolize.

Well, for those of you who are already curious, here are the results of the seven FF bundle designs by the BTS personnel!

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BTS Personnel Free Fire (FF) Bundle Design

RM is one of the important figures behind the music that BTS has produced so far. The name RM itself is an abbreviation of Rap Monster, which means the 27-year-old man is very good at rapping.

RM drew a bundle that brought a relaxed atmosphere with blue shorts like a beach feel.

The BTS personnel who fill the Vocal and Visual positions are arguably the most unique bundle designs. The reason is, he made a bundle full of pink.

Especially with the addition of accessories with a picture of love attached to the chest and a headband attached to the head of the bundle.

  • Soldier Nightmare (Suga Bundle)

Suga’s bundle is arguably one of the most prepared costumes for war among the others, because Soldier Nightmare has the appearance of a soldier but still has a cool style.

Additional items such as necklaces and the black and blue color combination add to the coolness of the bundle to include in your collection list.

  • True Charm (J-Hope Bundle)

The True Charm bundle specially designed by J-Hope for Free Fire is arguably the bundle that best represents BTS as a world-famous idol.

Yep, J-Hop adopted some costumes from the 80s Rock Stars into its design this time. The gray twinkling, as well as the stormy white hair, are very interesting to get when released later.

  • Golden Undaunted (Jimin Bundle)

For those of you who like designs that smell like golden colors, this might be a perfect match for the bundle that was designed directly by Jimin.

The reason is, this bundle from Jimin only pairs a chain that binds a gold colored gem in the middle of the chest. Although it is quite simple, the additional effect of a burning fire on the arm is quite tempting to collect.

Next, V creates a pretty weird image on the bundle design. He gave a terrible appearance on the face, but gave a green shirt and pants on the bundle.

So, you could say the concept of make-up is frightening and the costumes provided are a little less suitable to be used as a cool bundle.

  • Deceptive Fearless (Jungkook Bundle)

The vocalist and main dancer of BTS Jungkook might be said to be the winner if this design was used as a competition event.

Because, among other bundles, Jungkook designed a pretty cool bundle. With shades of purple or purple typical of BTS, this costume looks really cool with the addition of a magic-like effect on both hands.

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That’s the result of the bundle design of the BTS personnel. Don’t forget to visit SPIN Website for more information, and follow the account Instagram and Youtube our.