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The Number 1 Conqueror in Indonesia, ZAN Admits BTR Ryzen's Idol!

The Number 1 Conqueror in Indonesia, ZAN Admits BTR Ryzen’s Idol!

  • Like other BTR Ryzen fans, ZAN was also a little disappointed when he learned that his idol decided not to play in the 2022 PMPL ID Spring.

Fauzan or better known as ZAN is a player PUBG MOBILE with rank highest in Indonesia today.

Record 7012 total rating as of April 11, 2022, account holder (UID: 510002431) it ranks sixth highest in server Asiamake it the only Indonesian player in Asia’s top 10 list.

Photo via PUBG Mobile

Through a short interview with PUBG MOBILE Indonesia, ZAN expressed his pride in being an Indonesian player with rank highest in PUBG MOBILE and his ambition to bring Merah Putih to the top 5 in Asia.

Definitely proud, for being the only one who carried the Indonesian flag in the top 10 in Asia. The target is to keep trying to bring Indonesia on the leaderboard. at least enter the top 5 Asia,” said ZAN.

Of course, this achievement was obtained by ZAN thanks to his dedication and expertise in playing PUBG MOBILE. With skills like that, it’s no wonder that ZAN is often recruited to join the team esports. However, he refused for several reasons, one of which was because he was already married.

(I) was offered to join the esports team, but was not interested in being competitive because age factor and already married. Let the young ones take part in the competition,” said ZAN.

Photo via PUBG Mobile

Even though he didn’t compete, ZAN still showed his interest in development PUBG MOBILE esports in Indonesia.

Unfortunately, his enthusiasm dropped a bit because the idol, BTR Ryzenchose not to compete in 2022 PMPL ID Spring.

Now I don’t really follow it (competitive scene), because my favorite player, BTR Ryzen, is taking a break from PMPL,” replied the player who spends more than 12 hours a day playing PUBG MOBILE the.

This isn’t the first time BTR Ryzen has been appointed as an idol by great players in the scene PUBG MOBILE Indonesia. Recently, Ryzen’s name was also mentioned by two players 2022 PMPL ID SpringNFT Badman and GPX Rosemary, as their idol players.

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