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The Newest Rise of Kingdoms Migration Regulations 2022 Must Understand

Lilith made the big decision to overhaul Rise of Kingdoms’ migration rules starting March 2022. Attention, before reading to the end, if you are planning to migrate to KvK Season 2 in the near future then migrate immediately.

Because as of March 2022, the rules will be different. Why is that? Please refer to the public statement released by Lilith Games via RoK Group System Mail.

latest rise of kingdoms migration regulations
The statement was released along with a change in the Crystal concept in the Season of Conques (SoC) which will make it easier to get Crystals. Because all this time the governors migrated to KvK 2 the reason was due to the imbalance caused by Crystal Tech in the SoC.

RoK Group Statement:

Feedback from Governors participating in Lost Kingdom suggested to us that some gameplay features in Lost Kingdom were unsatisfactory.

Therefore, we plan to make improvements to certain elements in Lost Kingdom. These changes will be released in March, and consist of the following:

1. Changes to Crystal Acquisition

1) The difficulty level for the new Season of Conquest event “You Karuak Trial” will be unlocked while progressing in the Lost Kingdom. Governors can earn Crystals, Season Coins, and other rewards by taking part in this event.

3) Governors can use Crystals to receive Speedup items in the new Conquest Season event “Give and Take” .

4) Complete challenges in the new Conquest Season event Crystal Mission to level up the event and earn Crystals.

5) Rewards have been changed for the Season of Conquest event “Eve of the Crusade. Governors can get Crystals through this event.

6) Buff for Crystal technology has been adjusted. Please note new effects as they are released online.

7) Barbarian Patrol Lvl 41-45 difficulty decreased, allowing Governor to obtain Crystals more easily.

8) Remaining Crystals will not be converted to Gold, and instead converted to Season Coins at a fixed proportion.

We hope this change will allow Governors to earn Crystals more easily and have a better Season of Conquest experience.

These changes will be implemented in March. Points 1-7 will only apply after the new Lost Kingdom has started. Once the Lost Kingdom is running, the changes will not take effect. We will post another announcement before the changes will take effect.

2. Immigration Regulations Updated

We are aware that a number of Governors have used the immigration feature to return to the new Kingdom during the Season of Conquest.

The number of Governors doing this was quite large, and had a significant effect on the ability of Governors in this new Kingdom to participate in Lost Kingdom events.

Therefore, we will change immigration rules and add limits to ensure Governors in the new Kingdom have a better gaming experience.

We will redefine immigration and change specific immigration rules. These changes are significant and large in scope, so we will divide migrations into 3 types (besides using Beginner Teleportation to migrate to a Nascent State Kingdom) to help everyone understand better:

Cross-Season Immigration: When the current Kingdom and the destination Kingdom are in different Seasons, and when the current Kingdom server age is older than the destination Kingdom, the Governor may perform cross-season immigration.

Same-Season Immigration: When the current Kingdom and the destination Kingdom are in the same Season, the Governor can perform same-season immigration.

Same-Territory Immigration: Territory consists of 8 Kingdoms. Governors can conduct same-territory immigration by moving between the Kingdoms.

1) Cross-Season Immigration:

– Cross-Season Immigration will have a quota. Kingdoms in Season 2 and 3 of Lost Kingdom will be able to accept up to a maximum of 30 character migrating per season.

– The power limit for cross-season immigration will be determined by the King, and confirmed 48 hours before immigration begins.

– Once immigration has started, Governors who meet all the necessary criteria can undertake cross-season immigration until the destination’s Kingdom quota is met.

2) Same-Season Immigration:

During Seasons 2 and 3 of Lost Kingdom, same-season immigration is possible provided the character applying for immigration is no more than 90 days older than the destination Kingdom’s opening time. During the Season of Conquest, there is no limit to the time for character registration for immigration.

3) Immigration Start Time:

– Same-season immigration and cross-season immigration can begin once the destination Kingdom enters the preparation phase for Lost Kingdom Season 2.

Cross-season immigration ends once the destination Kingdom enters the preparation phase for the Lost Kingdom Conquest Season.

– After Season 1 of Lost Kingdom has started, all subsequent immigration will begin 1 day after Lost Kingdom ends. (See the Kingdom Info page for more information.)

4) Immigration from the Rising Kingdom and the Imperial Kingdom has a fixed Power limit. For the Rising Kingdom, the Power limit is 10,000,000. For the Imperial Kingdom, the Power limit is 15,000,000 for the Lost Kingdom Season 2, 25,000,000 for the Season 3, and 35,000,000 for the Conquest Season.

5) Kingdoms can accept Governors with Powers that meet or exceed current entry requirements via Special Immigration. Special Immigration does not count towards the Kingdom’s cross-season immigration quota.

6) We have added an immigration scheduling feature which will notify the Governor when immigration can be made to the Kingdom in the midst of a Lost Kingdom event.

7) This change will not affect the use of Beginner’s Teleport items. These changes will be released in mid-March, and you will receive an official notification of details before they are implemented.

As an incentive to Governors considering immigration to be able to migrate at the right time, we will send a “New World” Bundle to all migrating Governors before the changes take effect (this does not conflict with the original bundle).

These are all changes that will be made regarding gameplay in for Governors considering immigration in order to migrate in a timely manner, we will send a “New World” Bundle to all migrating Governors before the changes take effect (this is not against the original bundle).

These are all changes that will be made regarding the gameplay in Lost Kingdom. This is a significant change, and we will post detailed diagrams and explanations of everything on our social media and answer any questions you may have. We also look forward to your opinions and suggestions on social media. Thank you for supporting Rise of Kingdoms!

In conclusion, Lilith tried to be fair to the new players in the young kingdom. Many protested and felt uncomfortable because after KvK Season 1 ended their kingdom was invaded by players from old kd who were ready and mature in terms of Power, Commander, Equipment, Troops.