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The Minister of Communication and Information Wants to Implement an Online System in the 2024 Election

Johnny G Plate as the Minister of Communication and Information (Menkominfo) suggested that the 2024 elections be conducted online. Suddenly, this news became the spotlight of the warganet.

The development of technology in Indonesia is indeed very fast, especially in 2022, which forces us all to do all our activities online.

The Minister of Communication and Information wants to use this to hold an online democracy party or commonly known as E-Voting.

Minister of Communication and Informatics Proposes 2024 Election to be Conducted Online

In an Election Digitization Coordination Meeting for the Digitization of Indonesia, Johnny G Plate revealed that E-Voting is more effective and efficient in the entire voting process.

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“The adoption of digital technology in election activities has the benefit of realizing effectiveness and efficiency in the legitimate political contestation process, both at the voter stage, verifying voter identity, voting and transmitting the tabulation of election results,” said Johnny G Plate.

For consideration, he took the example of India which has used blockchain technology to conduct elections remotely. In addition, Estonia has also been using an online system for elections since 2005.

2024 Election Online
Photo: Indonesian Parliamentary Center

“At the moment India is now using it! India is using blockchain to support remote voting in elections. Estonia has been doing it since 2005 and it already has a digital voting system at the city, country and EU level which has been used by 46.7 percent,” he continued.

However, he admitted that his proposal came from the Indonesian General Elections Commission (KPU). He was only assigned to convey ideas from the KPU at the Election Digitization Coordination Meeting for the Digitalization of Indonesia.

“This is just a discussion with the KPU. This is a new idea at the KPU. So it’s not the Minister of Communication and Informatics, this is the KPU’s idea. But because the KPU has an election digitization agenda. Yes, I was there to give an explanation related to the portrait of infrastructure and readiness,” explained Johnny.

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Hmm, what do you think guys? Do you agree that the 2024 elections will be held online? Give your opinion in the comments column.