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The Latest Update of Guinevere Legend's Skin Skill Effects, Become More Beautiful!

The Latest Update of Guinevere Legend’s Skin Skill Effects, Become More Beautiful!

Getting a lot of criticism because it was judged that the skill effect was not too good, finally Moonton did an update on Brande Guinevere’s newest Legend skin – Psion of Tomorrow.

The changes are quite large because starting from passive to his Ultimate changes.

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Skill Effect Change

The passive form is getting cooler with the latest changes. You can see the shape of a wolf in this latest passive skin Legend.

Skill 1 is getting hotter and cooler. Maybe not too visible but a slight change in the newest 1st skill.

Skill 2 has changed a lot because it wasn’t really felt before. There will be a wolf tail when there is his 2 and Ultimate skill combo.

His Ultimate is getting cooler with effects that cover the entire screen.

When Release?

Skin Legend Guinevere
source: ig @leakersilvanna

This Legend skin itself will be coming soon on April 25, 2022 through a Legend skin event similar to last year’s 11.11 event.

You need around 1600 special items to exchange for Guinevere’s newest skin.

This event will be quite long because it will end on May 16, 2022. Every day there will be free 1x draw and 10x draw. Every draw you will be guaranteed to get an Elite skin and above.

So, if you want to be more economical, you can gacha every day, because there will be discounts.

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