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The Hardest Hero in Mobile Legends, It Takes Time to Master It!

Mobile Legends will release a new hero every season. Even now, there are dozens of heroes that you can play. There are so many heroes, even to master the skills of each hero it takes time and routine to learn. There are many most difficult heroes in Mobile Legends. Starting from role marksman to mage and tank. All of them have heroes whose basic skills take a long time to master.

In addition to mastering hero skills, the next demand is on the build items that you must master. Item builds and the arrangement of these emblems can increase hero damage from the early game to the late game. Build items and emblems are also not enough, there is even one more tool that can also affect hero skills, namely the spell you choose. You have to know what spell you should choose in the face of various enemy strategies. Even though you use the same hero and build, you don’t necessarily use the same spell when dealing with one enemy meta with another.

You need a lot of things if you want to be proficient in playing Mobile Legends, especially if your dream is to become a leading pro player. It takes hard work and hard work of course. Various kinds of the most difficult heroes in Mobile Legends are still a priority in the draft pick. Especially if the hero is over power and you are a user of a certain hero, at the time of draft pick it will immediately go up and auto pick.

The Hardest Hero Collection in Mobile Legends

mobile legends hardest hero

Here are some heroes who really need time to learn all the basic skills. Even a lot of items that will later be built, depending on the opponent being faced.

Playing with a rope is certainly a skill from Fanny which is quite difficult for Mobile Legends players who are still beginners. Even this hero is like a special hero and only a few people can play it. Because it’s already difficult at the learning stage, don’t be surprised if you can then often freestyle and a bit arrogant. This is also natural, at the time of study also often get toxic. Toxic will most often say land Fanny.

Actually, if possible, this hero is efficient enough to be able to enter the war and pick up a dying enemy, moreover, it can be very lost with damage from the tower.

The item itself is quite difficult, and like most other assassins, this hero requires buffs from early game to late game.

Fanny is a hero with high mobility with her cord. If you are agile to play this cable, then mana will be maintained and not wasteful, the key is if you can swipe your opponent or kil, then keep the blood. But if you fly with a cable and there is no prey, it can make the mana of this hero run out quickly.

Spells that are often used are usually retribution, this is so fast in killing and getting jungle. Even this hero can also pick up his opponent quickly even though he is in the tower.

The second assassin is Lancelot. This hero is also the hardest in mobile legends. The reason is that it is still rare to be able to use this hero. Not much to find a player who is proficient with lancelot, but if you are proficient in using all of his skills, this hero is very slippery. It can even sweep opponents in the tower though. There is immunity from skill 2 which will debuff all damage from the opponent. This kind of passive skill is the reference for taking moments in battle.

The common spell that this hero uses is retribution. This makes it easier and faster to take the jungle and collect gold during the early game. This hero is a fairly strong hero, because he has appeared in many MPL-class tournaments.

from the beginning of its appearance until now, this one mage is also the hardest hero. The reason is to be able to issue magical damage that can drain the opponent’s HP, you must be able to use skills without miss and can hit the target.

For the ultimate, you can use it to enter the war or escape from enemy ambushes. Even lately it’s very powerful if it’s a combo with kaja. Kaja pull skills and ulti lunox can make the enemy instantly disappear.

Tanks with the highest mobility but including the hardest heroes in the Mobile Legends game. The other skill will throw a hammer and can produce a momentary stun. Skill 2 will use the armor to repay the opponent’s HP. And from this ultimate skill, it can turn into a car and can surround the land of dawn. If it hits an enemy, it will give damage and a slow effect on its range. For combos with this hero, you can use a mage. For example, Odette and Eudora.

Even this one tank hero when turned into a car can contain 1 hero and applies to all heroes. So all types of heroes can combo with this transformer-style tank. It’s quite difficult in the ultimate part. If you are not good at driving Johnson to go around the land of dawn, at least you will only be in your own lane.

It takes practice and it takes a while to be able to steer Johnson and hit your opponent. When it becomes a car, it can also be an open map to find out the position of the opponent’s hero.

Marksman with many weapons is very effective for the current meta. Even if you can use it with the right combination of damage item builds, the damage from Beatrix can kill the enemy instantly. But to use this hero is not as easy as other marksman. It takes special skills and skills as well as routine and serious in learning it.

the strongest hero in mobile legends

This Assassin who can move from one wall to another quickly turned out to be quite difficult to play. It’s not even enough to play it a few times, it takes time to be able to play the skills of this hero. Especially regarding the build items and spells that will be used. Especially the energy that if you can’t play it can run out immediately. This hero is one of the most difficult heroes in Mobile Legends and it takes time to master it.

The umbrella-style game is certainly the main damage from this one hero. In fact, you can directly target the core with a combo of all the skills. You just need a feeling technique for sliding the umbrella and if there’s a good moment, you can go straight into the war and kidnap the core.

Agile and tough can indeed be the nickname of this hero. the Japanese-style ninja concept can indeed provide a land of dawn crowd. This one hero enters a big war and immediately targets the opponent’s core hero. Even for scooping up, farming or clearing minion heroes, this is quite fast. In addition, it is very efficient to steal enemy jungle.

The spell that is usually used with this hero is retribution, which will speed up the acquisition of gold and item collection.

The difficulty of this hero is in his 2nd skill which actually has to quickly move and be able to get in and out of tricking the opponent. It takes separate practice to be able to master the basic skills of this hero.

This jungle specialist hero and has an assassin role is indeed very suitable for robbing all the opponent’s buffs and jungles. Even to find gold and level, this one hero is fast. The thief of this land of dawn is Hanzo.

The other skill if it hits the jungle for 5 times it will automatically take the jungle, this also applies to buffs and does not apply to lord.

The game with this hero is to hide and take all the opponent’s jungle. To enter the war, it is better of course to use the ultimate which will form a shadow. If all your items have been made, the effect of this shadow attack can even make some enemies pick off. You can enter even 5 heroes who are gathered together.

The weakness of this hero is that his blood is very thin, and it will be dangerous if there are open map and late game heroes like Aldous.

The most difficult thing in playing this hero refers to the ultimate shadow. If you are not good at getting into the war, you will immediately find out where you are hiding with the shadow route.

Tanks with annoying skills can indeed be pinned to this one hero. If the player can be good at playing this hero, the opponent’s hero will be easy to pick off. Especially if there are follow from heroes who also have stun, for example Eudora. If the hero with thin blood of course immediately disappears. His ultimate skill can also be an annoying skill, the article will lock the opponent in a few seconds.

The most effective spell of course is flicker. In addition to being able to escape from enemy pursuit, this skill can be combined with skill 1. Then there will be filcker that leads to teammates. So that if you manage to get a hero, it will be easy to kill immediately. Especially if you go directly to the ultimate.

Half-mage Assassin turned out to be a hero who was quite difficult to play. Even the calculation of the damage from the digger that is spread also has an effect on inflicting damage to the opponent. Gusion’s digger skill is indeed difficult and requires a lot of practice to be more accurate in aiming at the opponent.

For spells, they will usually use retrieval, but if there is already a core hero or other assassin who has used retrieval, this hero will use execute. This is mostly what we encountered in ranked. For build items that will be the main focus of course build items for mages. This is so that the magical damage can be maximized.

This semi fighter mage is also one of the most difficult heroes in Mobile Legends. There are several combos that must be right on the opponent, if they miss then all will fail and even damage will return and make this hero easy to pick off.

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The shadow skill of this hero is a mainstay, where with shadow skills, Guinevere will easily enter and exit when there is a big war. Even for the effect of this ultimate jump, it will immediately have an effect on all heroes who are still in the Guinevere range area.

the difficulty of controlling the skill to enter and exit the war is the problem, as is the case with Sun, this hero relies on shadows to outwit his opponent.

mobile legends hardest hero

This hero with a long stun and has a trap for the open map is also very powerful for capturing hyper opponents. Even with one com of all the skills, heroes with thin blood will immediately be picked off without being able to move.

However, it is very difficult to use selena. Because the second skill of this hero will fly and lead to the opponent. As with Franco, if the skill can hit the opponent, there will be a long stun effect.

This hero is one of the most difficult heroes in Mobile Legends, especially with skills for open maps, this open map trap skill can help teammates to find out where the enemy is.