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The Geek Fam ID Open Trial is Officially Open, Here's How to Register!

The Geek Fam Open Trial is Officially Open, Here’s How to Register!

This season has again become an uncomfortable season for the Mobile Legends division of Geek Fam ID, both in the MPL ID Season 9 and MDL ID Season 5 events.

The reason is, the two Geek Fam teams that competed in the event both failed to secure the Playoff round slot.

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This of course requires the Geek Fam management to immediately clean up in order to face the new season that will come soon.

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Immediately Do Open Trial

Even though it has just entered the end of the season, it seems that Geek Fam immediately moved quickly to prepare their best team to face the new season of MPL ID and MDL ID.

Geek Fam itself officially announced that it would open an opportunity open trial for players who meet the standards of the team.

Therefore, here is the procedure for participating in the open trial that is currently being carried out by Geek Fam ID.

  • Have a minimum of 600 Mythic Points in this season
  • Win Rate at least 70% in all seasons
  • Send screenshots of statistics on the last 2 seasons
  • Minimum age 16 years
  • Willing to move to Jakarta

Later, those of you who have registered and are deemed to have met the criteria will be contacted further by Geek Fam ID management.

You can directly fill out the registration form open trial Geek Fam ID via the link provided below.

So, that’s the procedure to be able to take part in the trial that is currently being carried out by Geek Fam ID. Interested in trying Spinners?

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