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The Easiest Hero in Mobile Legends, Especially for Lazy Players

Are you lazy and want to play Mobile Legends? So we highly recommend that you pick the easiest Mobile Legends hero.

Where it’s so easy, this hero can be played while you do other activities. Who is the hero and why is it called the easiest?

Previously there were 100 different types of heroes in Mobile Legends, all of which had different abilities.

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Regarding that, there is 1 MLBB hero who is very unique, he is the easiest hero to play according to SPIN Esports, who is that hero?

Angela – The Cute Support

Hero jungler op mlbb
Photo via @yuu_chi_art

That hero is Angela, yep Angela is arguably the easiest hero with gameplay to play. Even to play this hero you can do other activities while playing MLBB.

But make no mistake, even though the gameplay seems easy to play. In fact Angela has extraordinary abilities and has a huge impact on the match.

Angela has the ability to enter a partner’s body and give him heavy healing, a thick shield and high movement speed for a few seconds.

skin collector april 2021
Photo via MLBB

Such abilities are certainly very terrible behind Angela’s easy-to-play gameplay.

This hero is also very suitable for players who are just learning to play MLBB because of Angela’s ability.

That’s the easiest hero in Mobile Legends according to SPIN Esports that you must play at least once and feel comfortable.

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