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The 2nd Phase of the Esports Training Center for the 2022 Vietnam SEA Games is Officially Open!

The 2nd Phase of the Esports Training Center for the 2022 Vietnam SEA Games is Officially Open!

After successfully carrying out the National Esports National Team (Pelatnas) program for the Indonesian Esports National Team stage 1 for the 2022 Vietnam SEA Games on March 1-10 2022 yesterday, the Indonesian Esports Executive Board (PBESI) together with the National Esports Team Body continued the Pelatnas Esports program to stage 2 as a finalization before competing in the biggest sporting event in Southeast Asia.

Pelatnas becomes a means of improving the athlete’s ability through strategies that have been prepared, among others, the application of a Healthy Lifestyle, Screening and Selection of Athletes based on Achievement Benchmarks, Consolidating Ability, Discipline, and building character and a winning mentality.

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In this National Training, Analysis and Development of Individual and Team Techniques is also carried out through training patterns from the trainers both during in-game and during preparation and briefing.

Furthermore, the team was also given motivation and shared vision and mission to win a gold medal at the 2022 Sea Games.

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Become an Intensive Preparation Event

Photo via PBESI

If the Pelatnas Esports stage 1 yesterday was the initial screening and training stage for athletes, then this stage 2 will be the last intensive preparation of the Indonesian esports contingent before departing for Hanoi, Vietnam.

The Esports National Team and PBESI have also prepared equipment that will be used by the Indonesian esports team, namely the iPhone 11 Promax and Asus ROG Phone 5.

“PBESI and the Esports National Team always give their best to facilitate athletes and coaches in this stage 2 of the National Training. Thus, they can concentrate and prepare themselves as best they can to make achievements and maximize the potential for medals at the 2022 SEA Games, so that the esports ecosystem in Indonesia can show its progress and be recognized by the international community, “ said the Daily Chairperson of PBESI, Bambang Sunarwibowo.

This Phase 2 of the Pelatnas Esports activity was initially held at Highgrounds, PIK, on ​​March 28 – April 10 because there were still many esports national teams participating in the League in Jakarta.

After the League activities were completed, the 2nd stage of the National Esports Training was moved to the Basecamp Family Leisure area, Megamendung during 11 April – 9 May 2022 so that athletes and coaches could concentrate and focus better.

Photo via PBESI

Initially, PBESI and the National Esports Agency targeted 6 gold, 3 silver and 1 bronze medals for the 2022 Vietnam SEA Games.

However, after the entire Indonesian contingent, including esports, was downsized by 43.4%, PBESI and the Esports National Team received the results of the PPON review team’s evaluation to dispatch only the match numbers with the most potential to win a gold medal.

Regarding this, the Manager of the Indonesian Esports National Team, Tjahyono Prasetianto said: “Although this downsizing decision has disappointed many parties, especially those who have struggled to participate in the 1st stage of the National Esports Training, in the end we must be grateful that more than half of the esports contingent remains and become the sport with the largest number of contingents for the 2022 Vietnam SEA Games.”

“Let’s throw away the disappointment and unite our hearts and voices to support those who will be competing in Hanoi so that they can put on their best performance!”

Photo via PBESI

The opening of the 2022 SEA Games National Training Phase 2 was also attended by the Chef de Mission group for the 2022 Vietnam SEA Games, chaired by the Secretary General of KOI, Ferry Yuniarto Kono. In addition, the Secretary General of KONI, TB Ade Lukman and the other Chef de Mission entourage were also present.

The group reviewed all the facilities of the Phase 2 Esports National Training Center in Megamendung as well as the readiness of the athletes who will depart for Hanoi, Vietnam.

Information about the 2022 SEA Games National Training Center, as well as the names of the selected coaches and athletes, can be accessed on the PBESI official platform, namely or PBESI’s official social media pages.

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