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Taking advantage of the times, Ifan Seventeen sells the NFT version of the song

Musician Ifan Seventeen will sell his songs in the NFT version. He plans to market his work through the OpenSea marketplace.

Non-Fungible Token (NFT) has indeed transformed into an investment in the form of a digital token that is most favored by many people. In fact, musicians, athletes, and actors from all over the world decide to enter the world of NFT because it is considered very profitable.

Not wanting to be left behind, Ifan Seventeen began to explore the world of digital tokens, by releasing his works using a virtual concept. He has also collaborated with related parties to launch his new innovation.

Ifan Seventeen Sells NFT Version of Songs on OpenSea

Not long ago, the musician whose real name is Riefiean Fajarsyah announced that he and KunciKoin had collaborated to launch an NFT version of music. He shared the announcement via his Instagram post.

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Ifan hopes that NFT can become a new field for musicians from all over the world to market their works. In this way, they can reap quite a promising profit from the NFT business.

“I hope this will be a new hope for Indonesian musicians, something that will prosper Indonesian musicians in the future, which my musician friends should deserve,” said Ifan Seventeen, quoted from Hot.Seconds.

Ifan Seventeen NFT
Photo: Instagram/@Ifanseventeen

On the other hand, Julius as the owner of KunciKoin admits that he really admires and appreciates the works of Indonesian musicians, especially Ifan Seventeen. According to him, Ifan’s song which will be adapted into an NFT will be something different.

“I really appreciate Indonesian music, especially ifan Seventeen whose songs I think will be something different when we market them on Kunci NFT.” said Julius, in his official statement.

The reason for Ifan Seventeen to invite KunciKoin to work together is because KunciKoin is one of the original Indonesian crypto projects that has a very large community growth. From this fact, Ifan did not hesitate to cooperate with KunciKoin as a business partner in his innovation.

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The plan is that this NFT will begin to be marketed through the OpenSea marketplace on April 14, 2022.