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Take a peek at the Leaks of the FF Ramadan Edition Katana Skin, Could It Be a Lobby Katana?

Take a peek at the Leaks of the FF Ramadan Edition Katana Skin, Could It Be a Lobby Katana?

The existence of weapons is to function as assisting players in eliminating opponents and winning the game in Free Fire (FF).

Therefore, Free Fire continues to provide innovations in weapons to make the game more exciting and interesting. In fact, weapons such as melee, pistol, and katana themselves did not go unnoticed.

So, the Free Fire skin is not only presented for the main weapon. But these auxiliary weapons also get the same attention.

One of the most popular weapon skins by players is the Katana skin. This typical weapon from Japan gets special attention because in addition to having significant damage, the Katana also helps you speed up rotational movements.

Now the good news, Free Fire will again bring a new skin for Katana. Yep, you will get a Katana FF skin in the near future.

Intrigued by the leak of the latest Ramadan FF edition of the Katana skin that will be released? Come on, see the information in the following article!

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Leaked Skin Katana Ramadan Free Fire (FF)

The katana skin that will be available to you in the near future is the Katana Emerald Power FF. As the name implies, the Katana skin has a very cool appearance with a dominant green color.

In addition, the touch of gold engraving and the resulting effects make the skin look even cooler and very worthy to be one of your Katana skin collections.

This cool Katana skin is certain to be present at Free Fire during this year’s Ramadan event period. However, there is no further certainty where the Katana will be present.

If it doesn’t appear in this Ramadan part 2 event, then it will most likely be present in a Luck Royale event or another spin on the Ramadan part 3 event.

Not only does it look cool, for those of you who have been waiting and want to get the Katana Lobby, you must look forward to this Emerald Power because you can bring it to the Lobby.

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That’s the latest leak of the Katana Free Fire (FF) skin which is likely to be released on Free Fire Indonesia in the near future. Don’t forget to visit SPIN Website for more information, and follow the account Instagram and Youtube we.