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Summary of New Patch Mobile Legends April 2022, Akai in Revamp!

Summary of New Patch Mobile Legends April 2022, Akai in Revamp!

A new patch has been presented in Mobile Legends in April 2022 this time with a faster time.

This new patch is not big and gives many changes to existing heroes, but one of the older heroes, Akai, gets a revamp.

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That’s right, you can enjoy the Akai revamp in this update.

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Hero Revamp

Akai Revamp
source: Mobile Legends



  • New Effect: Each of Akai’s skills will give Mark and his Basic Attack will deal additional damage to opponents who are marked
  • Shield increased to 50 + 5% Max HP
  • Damage increased to 50 + 5% Max HP

Skill 1

Akai will charge in the specified direction and cause an Airborne effect to the first enemy hit

  • New Effect: After hitting an enemy hero, Akai can roll in the same direction once
  • Damage reduced to 300-400 + 50% Total Physical Attack

Skill 2

Akai slams his body into the ground, dealing damage to the opponent in the area and causing a slow effect to the opponent’s hero.

  • Damage changed to 270-420 + 7% Max HP


Akai rotates causing continuous damage to the opponent’s hero and gives a knock back effect to the opponent. the opponent’s hero who is hit by a knock back effect can cause a knock back effect on the opponent’s hero who comes into contact with the hero.

  • New Effect: Akai increases his movement speed slowly over this duration. He can also use skill 1 to adjust his position quickly.
  • Duration increased to 4 seconds

Hero Buff

Body's New Skin


Skill 1

  • Base damage increased to 250-400


Fixed an issue where additional damage could activate the attack effect



  • Base Physical Attack increased to 115
  • Physical Attack Growth increased to 11.8


Skill 1

  • Base damage increased to 175-300
  • Base damage shard increased to 50-100



  • Damage increased to 210% Physical Attack

Nerf Hero



  • Energy regen per stack reduced to 8
  • Reduces the regen energy obtained from multiple opponents



  • Base Physical Attack reduced to 91

Skill 1

  • HP usage increases to 4%-3%


  • Base damage reduced to 300-600
  • Cooldown increased to 36-20 seconds

Those are the changes that occurred in the April 2022 Mobile Legends patch update. It’s quite a bit for buff and nerf heroes but the presence of Akai brings new changes to the game going forward.

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