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Success in Winning Difficult Match Against AURA, Clayyy Reveals RRQ Hoshi's Victory Factor

Success in Winning Difficult Match Against AURA, Clayyy Reveals RRQ Hoshi’s Victory Factor

RRQ Hoshi managed to win in a difficult match against AURA Fire who appeared on-fire. This match was not easy because it went a lot, especially the 3rd game because Kabuki used his Fanny.

In the end, RRQ was able to make Kabuki’s 100% Fanny winrate run aground after being defeated in the game.

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Kabuki’s Fanny actually didn’t play badly, it’s just that RRQ was able to take advantage of the moment they got.

RRQ Vs AURA Winning Factor

After yesterday’s match against AURA Fire, Clayyy who was met by the MPL ID team revealed the winning factor of RRQ Hoshi in that match.

RRQ Clayyyyy
source: YT MLBB

“Maybe we should just be more disciplined,” said Clayyy.

It looks like RRQ is holding back a lot and is not too eager to end even though the AURA base is already open. Seeing Yve in Facehugger’s hands did make the highground of the AURA team very strong, not to mention Kabuki’s Fanny who could directly attack RRQ’s backline.

With high discipline, RRQ was able to get a good war even though Alberttt was killed, but they were able to end AURA Fire’s base.

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Skylar Can Only Beatrix?

One thing that became another highlight was Beatrix who continued to be banned by the AURA team for three games and was not given the opportunity for Skylar to use it. A few comments were given by Clayyy regarding this matter as follows.

Skylar MPL Season 9
source: MPL ID

“It’s okay, only Beatrix can do it,” said Clayyy.

However, Skylar seems to prove that Beatrix is ​​not the only hero. He uses other heroes such as Lunox, Clint, Brody and even Claude who successfully messed up AURA’s backline in the second game.

Will there be another hero who will come out of Skylar? We’ll just have to wait, Spinners.

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