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STUN Skin Will Return Through This Mobile Legends Event!

STUN Skin Will Return Through This Mobile Legends Event!

Good news for you players who want to have STUN skins belonging to the three heroes, namely Brody, Selena and Chou.

Previously the STUN skin was a special skin that was present through the 515 event for 899 diamonds.

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However, not long after event 515 ended, you can no longer buy these skins freely at the shop or they are already limited.

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Well, the good news is that these three skins will be present at the latest Mobile Legends event.

STUN Skin Will Be Present at the Legend Guinevere Event

For those who don’t know, later on April 25, 2022 there will be an event to get Guinevere’s latest Legend skin, Mobile Legends.

This event is called Psionic Oracle, where in the exchange shop section, you can exchange Psionic Contracts (items in this event) for many skins, one of which is Brody’s STUN skin, Selena and Chou.

The number of Psionic Contracts you need is 600 or higher than the freely available Epic Shops.

Of course it’s different because this skin is currently limited and for now only through this event you can get this skin again.

The Psionic Oracle event will last a long time starting from April 25, 2022 to May 16, 2022. The good news is that you will get a 50% discount per day for 1x draw and 10x draw.

So, our suggestion is that you can do a daily gacha of 500 diamonds (50% discount) every day to get this STUN skin at a fairly cheap price at this Mobile Legends event.

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