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Startling! These are Rosemary GPX's 5 Favorite Weapons in PUBG Mobile

Startling! These are Rosemary GPX’s 5 Favorite Weapons in PUBG Mobile

PUBG MOBILE has dozens of weapons that can be used by the players. But of course, every player has a favorite weapon according to their respective tastes and playing styles, including one of the PMPL ID Spring 2022 star players at once. Carry team GPX, Rosemary.

Through a short interview with PUBG MOBILERosemary mentioned 5 weapons that became his mainstay.

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1. M416

Photo via PUBG Mobile

M416 is indeed the favorite weapon for the majority of players PUBG MOBILE, and Rosemary was no exception. According to him, the M416 is an auto weapon choice that is very suitable for close to medium range combat.

The M416 weapon can be used for middle range and can also be used for close combat“said Carry the GPX team.

2. M762

Photo via PUBG Mobile

Weapon Assault Rifle (AR) Another favorite of Rosemary is the M762 or also known as Beryl. In fact, this weapon became Rosemary’s primary weapon of choice as a Carry.

The weapon that I often use now is beryl (M762), because this weapon can withstand recoil and the fire rate is also fast, so it can be used for close combat and middle rangecommented Rosemary.

3. SLR

Photo via PUBG Mobile

As a lover of 7.62mm bullets, Rosemary also shows her love for SLR weapons among the 7 guns Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR) which exist in PUBG MOBILE At the moment. The reason, of course because damageits high.

Like SLR because its damage is more painful than other DMR weapons such as Mini14 and SKS (except Mk14). Moreover, I really like playing full 7.62mm bulletsreplied Rosemary.

4. UMP45

Photo via PUBG Mobile

When it comes to weapons autoRosemary chose UMP45 as weapon auto his favorite besides the M416. The reason is, this weapon has a fairly high damage in the weapon category Submachine Gun (SMG).

Sometimes if you are still not prepared, you prefer auto weapons, especially SMGs such as UMP and Uzi. In my opinion, UMP weapons are more painful than other SMG weapons, especially now UMP is OPsaid Rosemary.

However, this combination of weapons has the disadvantage that it takes up enough space in the bag, because both use types, namely .45 ACP and 9mm which are different from the majority of weapons. AR and DMR.

The drawback is that if you mix it with other weapons, it takes up more space in the backpack“he continued.

5. AWM

Photo via PUBG Mobile

For long-range combat, the AWM is Rosemary’s favorite weapon. Even if it includes weapons Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle (SR) strongest in PUBG MOBILEfor Rosemary AWM is a weapon that is quite easy to use.

For long distances, I like AWM the most because this weapon is easy to use, especially when you want to crack a compound,” he said.

On the other hand, Rosemary also mentioned that she can use any weapon, but doesn’t like any type of weapon Shotgun (SG).

If you play on other maps, such as Livik or Sanhok, of course there are special weapons too. I can use anything, what’s important is not a shotgunsaid Rosemary.

Well, that’s 5 weapons PUBG MOBILE Rosemary’s GPX favorite. Is your favorite weapon the same as Rosemary?

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