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Starconch Farming Location, Material For Yelan Genshin Impact!

Starconch Farming Location, Material For Yelan Genshin Impact!

Who here is waiting for Yelan’s character in Genshin Impact? Although its presence is still quite long, which is about a month away (update 2.7).

But you can farm the material from now on. So that later when it is released you can immediately maximize this one character.

For complete materials, see here. Prepare these 6 materials before Yelan comes to Genshin Impact!

One that is difficult to find is Starconch because it is Liyue’s signature material.

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Quoted from Instagram belongs to, this is an easy location for farming Starconch materials for this Yelan upgrade.

Starconch Farming Locations

  • Bolai NPC (Liyue Harbor) – 5 pieces (3 refresh days)
  • South of Dragonspine – 7 pieces
  • Yaoguang Shoal – 26 pieces
  • Beach above the Sea of ​​Clouds – 20 pieces
  • Guyun Stone Forest – 24 pieces

Indeed, only in Liyue you can get this one material so you have to make sure the location is good.

For now, the use of Starconch is still a little used for Tartaglia and Yelan characters later.

The locations above will refresh every 2 days except for the top one which is purchased from NPC Bolai every 3 days.

Happy farming, I hope you collect quickly because you need up to 168 Starconch to make Yelan reach the maximum level.

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