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Solo Mode is More Difficult in PUBG Mobile? Here's ION Rocky's Response!

Solo Mode is More Difficult in PUBG Mobile? Here’s a Response from ION Rocky!

  • PMPL ID Spring’s top 2022 league team player, ION Rocky, shared tips on playing solo mode on PUBG Mobile, as well as responding to rumors that this mode is more difficult than squad mode.

In addition to playing a four-person team in the mode squad, PUBG Mobile also have game mode solo which offers a solo playing experience that is certainly no less challenging.

In fact, not a few players also think that fashion solo more difficult to play than mode squad.

Through a short interview with PUBG MOBILE, ION Rocky give his opinion about the comparison of the difficulty level of the mode solo with fashion squadas well as share tips for players who want to master the mode solo.

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Each have their own difficulties

Photo via PUBG Mobile

Answering things that are often debated among the community, ION Rocky emphasized that basically every mode has its own difficulties.

According to him, one of the difficulties playing mode solo is no chance of being resurrected (revive) once it has fallen (knock). As a result, players have to play extra carefully so as not to get the wrong strategy and end up too soon.

Since we are solo, so we have to think twice as hard from when we played squad. (Consideration) because we ourselves as well as the enemy are more aggressivesaid Rocky.

On the other hand, Rocky argues that playing solo also has its own advantages, one of which is that it makes it easier for players to make decisions quickly, without having to consider the conditions of other members.

(Easyly) because if we are solo we become no need to think about the position of friendsso we focus on taking care of yourself. That’s what makes solo mode easier in my opinionreplied Rocky.

Tips for playing solo a la ION Rocky

Photo via PUBG Mobile

Not to forget, Rocky also shared some tips for players who want to master the mode soloor even do clutch when in a situation solo vs squad.

First, players must think carefully before deciding to play aggressively. The reason, of course, was that no friends wouldcover when we make mistakes.

More to play half aggressive half safeso you have to think more about playingsaid Rocky.

In terms of playing locations, Rocky recommends locations hot drop so that players still get the advantage early gameboth in terms of weapons and collect early kill.

(down) in a crowded place but look for a compound complex that has people, if not there are 1-2 people if it’s already crowded,” he continued.

Because there will be a lot of fighting in compoundRocky recommends players to use a combination of weapons auto melee, then dodge ranged weapons like bolt action sniper rifle.

“If you’re solo” don’t use sniper(weapons), M4 and UMP are goodbecause if we rush, we have a second automatic weapon, so we can get more backup fires,” concluded Rocky.

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