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Sin Chronicle, New RPG for iOS and Android Announced at Tokyo Game Show 2022

RPG Sin Chronicle was announced on October 1 on the SEGA & Atlus livestream from the Tokyo Game Show 2022. Pre-registration for Japan is available today on the website and the local release date for Android and iOS devices is December 15, 2022. Players can sign up to join. with closed beta until October 7, 2022. Beta testing will take place from October 14, 2022 to October 21, 2022, while updates regarding the global release have not been announced.


Sin Chronicle is a game where one lets one decide the fate of a character depending on various choices. Each chapter, consisting of 10 hours of gameplay, is tied to a climactic point where a player must make an important decision that he cannot turn back. This decision will have an impact on how the narrative of the story unfolds.

The world in Sin Chronicle is being swallowed up by the ever-growing “Abyss”. Players and Boundary Knights will be confronted by a threat, to save the world. One of them would recruit members of the Boundary Knights, who were knights, who would guard the fortified city. Players will be given the option to choose between Sera and Chloe, two of the famous Boundary Knights. One can only choose the chosen number of knights to play with for the rest of the adventure. Choose wisely!

This game carries the turn-based RPG genre. This game is very similar to Chain Chronicle. However, it does not continue the Chain Chronicle storyline. Instead, it is a separate entity with new gameplay and story. Therefore, players can enjoy the game even if they have never played Chain Chronicle.

Release Date

In September 2022, a trailer was released. This was followed by an official teaser site which was launched some time later. It also includes a brief peek at one of the Sin Chronicle landscapes and the main sights. At Tokyo Game Show 2022, a video trailer of the game has been showcased.