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Seondeok Rise of Kingdoms: Best RoK Talent

Commander Seondeok or Indonesian players call him the spoon, is a reliable Gathering Commander for farming in Rise of Kingdoms.

In fact, for Kibezaka, Seondeok is a Legendary tier farming commander that I focus on expertise. Because his fifth skill if it’s unlocked is a 10% bonus from the results of collecting RSS/SDA.
seondeok rise of kingdoms skirt

Seondeok is the legendary commander of the Golden Chest. You can get a golden statue of him from the Tavern and events such as Strategic Reserve, Civilization Event, etc.

For 3 years playing RoK, it took me 1.5 years to unlock Seondeok’s expertise purely from events and Gold Keys without relying on Universal Legendary Sculpture.

Advantages of Seondeok RoK

Moreover, in Seondeok’s second skill, “Insightful”, there is a 20% Gathering Speed ​​bonus for all Resources/SDA and a 10% Gold gathering speed bonus. So if you make Farming Gold a total of 30%.

I rely on Seondeok, Matilda and Constance as commanders for farming Gems because these three commanders have an additional 10% bonus skill when finished farming.

Either in Home KD or in the Lost Kingdom, it is highly recommended to farm using a commander who has RSS/SDA bonus skills after finishing farming.

For example, farming Gem level 2 in the home kingdom, using the three commanders will get 20 Gems + bonus 3 Gems for a total of 23. If you use something like Sarka, Gaius Marius and Joan of Arc, the bonus is only 1 Gem.

Talent Seondeok Rise of Kingdoms

Especially for Seondeok RoK’s build talent, it’s actually the same as most other farming commanders. Because Seondeok is not a good commander for fighting or war.

talent seondeok skirt indonesia

Most players focus on Cleopatra VII for the Legendary type farming commander. But I suggest friends for Seondeok’s expertise, focus on him because the benefits are better than Cleo or Ishida Mitsunari.

On talent, focus only on the Gathering section. Ignore the Integration and Attack sections as they won’t work.

Tips for Beginners

My advice is to finish all events that contain a chest prize or a box containing a gold statue of Ishida/Cleo/Seondeok then save it, don’t open it yet.

If it takes me 1.5 years, friends who are diligent online can get Seondeok’s expertise faster as long as grinding, especially at the Strategic Reserve event, collects as many boxes as possible from farming, RSS collections in the city and beating barbarians.

One more thing: Seondeok’s commander level upgrade is only up to a maximum of level 40. Don’t waste gold stars only for farming commanders.

In conclusion, Seondeok is the best Legend tier farming commander in Rise of Kingdom. Especially for T5 players, you will definitely often farm Gold.