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Secret Tricks to Avoid Cheaters at the Yellow Diamond Event!

Secret Tricks to Avoid Cheaters at the Yellow Diamond Event!

Whether we realize it or not, this event is a bit difficult because some players seem to be cheating. The cheats they make are not just cheating through chat but using dual apps or VPNs.

But you don’t need to worry because here SPIN Esports will give you a trick to avoid meeting these players.

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Tricks to Avoid Cheating Players in the Yellow Diamond Event

Diamond Promo Event Tricks
source: Mobile Legends

The first way is the time to start the yellow diamond event. We know that the yellow diamond event will always be present for 3 days (except the last phase), so here to avoid meeting these players you can start on the second or third day.

Maybe you think that the quest time is reduced but this is a powerful trick to get a commensurate or easier opponent so that you avoid defeat because you meet these cheaters.

Second, you can start at player-free hours, avoid busy times such as after a reset (15:00 WIB), and at night, other times that are safer than the times SPIN Esports mentions.

That’s all SPIN Esports can tell you about the secret trick to avoid cheating players in the ongoing yellow diamond event. It’s all back to hockey because if you’re unlucky, you might meet these players who are rapidly rising in popularity points. Good luck, Spinners.

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