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Saladin Rise of Kingdoms: RoK's Best and Strongest Talent Tips

If you ask who is the favorite Cavalry commander for Rise of Kingdom Indonesia players, then Salahuddin Al-Ayyubi alias Saladin is the answer. Kibezaka’s survey of hundreds of people proves that Saladin is the mainstay of the majority of RoK Indo players.

Saladin is also effective for the long term. This means that he doesn’t only apply to certain KvK seasons, unlike Saladin’s eternal rival, Richard I RoK, whose effectiveness lasts in KvK Seasons 1 & 2 only because of his many counters.

saladin skirt card king mge

Besides that, Saladin is very multifunctional and versatile, he is not only relied on for fighting in the open field but also to lead the Rally Cavalry troops from KvK Season 2 onwards until the late game.

I remember when I watched War KvK by Kingdom #1412 where several big players and RoK sultans such as Shinchi, Baba, Ahmed Aziz tried to counter the Pakal – Harald Sigurdsson RoK Rally with the Saladin – William combo.

Tips for Playing Saladin Rise of Kingdoms

This very one Legend Commander is quite good at leading Cavalry units and has the ability to Conquering aka conquering enemy cities.

One of the most versatile commanders in RoK in terms of PVP (Player Vs Player) we can use it both in the Open Field and in Rally against enemy structures.

His skills make him a strong commander, even when the fact is Infantry is Cavalry’s worst enemy, don’t be afraid if you have Saladin leading your troops, because he will make every enemy afraid of his power.

Saladin is considered one of the best Legend commanders in Rise of Kingdom as long as he is used properly. No expertise required, just upgrade to 5-5-5-1, you can fight.

Best Saladin Talent Build in RoK

This is specifically the Saladin Open Field Talent Tree build, for those of you who are F2P and Low Spenders rarely lead Rally, you can ignore the Conquering Talent section. Focus on Cavalry and Support only.

Saladin's best talent, strongest open field

Saladin in the Open Field is very good, his direct damage skill called “Hold Fast” is very safe when defeating the enemy because it drastically reduces the Healing Effect received by the enemy when exposed to this skill.

Some of his bonuses for Cavalry troops such as the “Ghulams” skill make him a fearsome commander if he leads the army completely with Cavalry.

Saladin’s main enemy is the Commander

Infantry like Richard, Alexander The Great, and Guan Yu, but Saladin’s 3rd skill “Bond and Fate” will reduce their skill damage by 30% especially if we face Guan Yu who has very strong damage.

The advantages and disadvantages of Saladin RoK

Cavalry commander who is fast and with high skill damage.

Another great Saladin, he has the Damage Reduction skill, which makes him a very strong Cavalry commander for long battles in KvK.

Reduces the Healing Factor of commanders attacked by their Skills, ideal for slaughtering a number of powerful Infantry commanders like Richard.

We can use it in two forms of PVP, namely Conquering or fighting in the Open Field.

Saladin RoK Kekurangan Weaknesses and Disadvantages

× Saladin does not have AOE damage skills, can only target one enemy target.

× It doesn’t do much to use it as a PVE commander. Although it is still effective for Karuak Ceremony for example.

× Has no skill to Heal troops instantly during battle.

Combo Pair Saladin’s Strongest Commander Pair

Duet Saladin – YSG : Previous on post YSG RoK I said that Yi Seong-Gye is indeed a versatile commander, although he specializes in leading Archer troops, the reality on the ground is that he is also relied on to be Saladin’s partner, covering Saladin’s weaknesses with a solid AOE YSG.

Duet Saladin – William I : As one of the best combos in the Rise of Kingdoms universe, Saladin and William are clearly used a lot, especially in KvK Season of Conquest aka season 4 & beyond.

Duet Saladin – Cao Cao : Skilled commanders who are good at running like Cao Cao will help Saladin to chase enemy troops or escape from the enemy’s pursuit. In addition, both of them also have the Healing Factor skill which makes this combo more resilient.

Duet Saladin – Baibars : If you are a F2P friend and don’t have another legendary Cavalry commander to pair with Saladin, then Baibars is the absolute answer. That’s because he has AOE Damage that can cover Saladin’s shortcomings. Listen: Baibars Rise of Kingdoms Talent.

How to Get Commander Saladin RoK

There are several ways to get Saladin Rise of Kingdoms, the first one you can collect a gold statue of him through Mightiest Governor Event (MGE) or the Greatest Governor. But the competition will be tough & not easy, therefore prepare as many Speedups as possible.

Then the second way can be through the Card King event, currently the Card King Saladin schedule will appear in the kingdom which has been formed for approximately 300 days. This event occurs only once a month, so don’t waste it.

Buddy will need at least 10k Gems Gems just in case, rely on luck too. Because at that time, I summoned Saladin via Card King to spend about 6 thousand Gems in total for 10 Sculptures.

Then there are the following events: RoK Legendary Tavern, where you also have the opportunity to get a golden statue of Saladin. The last step if you are a Low Spender, then you can buy the Daily Special Offer daily bundle in the Rise of Kingdoms application.