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RRQ Skylar Reveals Want To Fight This Team in MPL ID Season 9 Playoffs!

RRQ Skylar Reveals Want To Fight This Team in MPL ID Season 9 Playoffs!

Victory against Rebellion Zion ensures 1 place for RRQ Hoshi in the playoffs later through the upper bracket route.

Of course this is also a very big advantage as capital for the MPL ID Season 9 playoffs.

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Teams RRQ Skylar Wants To Fight In The Playoffs

Talking about the MPL ID Season 9 playoffs, it turns out that this is the team that RRQ Skylar really wants to fight in the playoffs later.

RRQ Skylar
source: MPL ID

“ONIC anyway, the reason is because there is Kiboy, a former teammate in the old team,” said Skylar through a media interview after the match against RBL.

It turns out that it’s not EVOS that RRQ Skylar wants to fight in the MPL ID Season 9 playoffs later, but ONIC Esports. The reason is because of Kiboy who is a former teammate.

Looking at the current standings, it is possible that they could meet in the final round of the upper bracket after knocking out their opponents who they would meet in the initial round.

If indeed the format is not much different, the possibility of both of them is quite large because of their current position in the upper bracket. However, if later ONIC slips and fails to enter the upper, the chances of them meeting are even greater because they could meet in the early rounds of the playoffs.

The RRQ and ONIC meeting was interesting indeed this season because it ended with the same score 2-0. However, if you look at the first leg of RRQ, you could say that they did not appear full of strength because they played with three MDL debutants, namely Aether, Violence and Yummy.

Of course if they meet again it will be interesting because of the presence of a new patch which certainly brings new games and may not be as predictable as before.

Who do you want RRQ to meet in the playoffs later? Write in the comments column yes.

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