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Rows of the Best Wanwan Hero Counter A la Pro Player, Must Try!

Rows of the Best Wanwan Hero Counter A la Pro Player, Must Try!

After getting the buff, Wanwan is now one of the most terrible marksman heroes in Mobile Legends.

The reason is, when Wanwan successfully activates his ultimate he can immediately level all opposing players very easily.

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However, you don’t need to worry yourself because one of the former pro players who now serves as an analyst for AURA Fire, Joshua “Tezet” Sanger provides tips for countering the hero.

Therefore, here is a row of heroes who are able to overcome Wanwan’s attacks in the Land of Dawn.

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new phoveus mobile legends mlbb hero
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In addition to a very deadly attack, Wanwan’s mobility is certainly another problem that you need to face when dealing with the hero.

Tezet himself recommended Phoveus as the main hero to ward off Wanwan who was quite troublesome with her movements.

Phoveus himself is indeed one of Wanwan’s natural counters because the hero’s ultimate will certainly be able to target Wanwan who often uses dash skills.


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When dealing with Wanwan at Gold Lane, Clint can certainly be the best option you can use, like the recommendation from AURA Tezet.

The attack distance is quite far and the burst damage is very deadly, of course it will make Wanwan very difficult to activate her ultimate.


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Wanwan is also one of the heroes who has a natural Anti CC by using her 2nd skill which makes her very difficult to conquer.

Khufra can certainly be a good option because the hero’s skill 2 will certainly not be affected by skill 2 that will be used by Wanwan.

This of course will make Wanwa not free to attack at will into the opponent’s area.

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