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Rovio Will Bring Back the Classic Angry Birds Title in Early 2022

Rovio has finally announced that the company will be bringing back the Angry Birds title in early 2022. After they released the original title of the classic arcade game from the app store, many fans around the world started the #BringBack2012 movement. As a result, the company shared their plans regarding the return of the classic title last summer. And finally, Rovio confirmed via a post on their official website that the game will be back.

Development has started, many improvements will be added

This game is back after many years. Explaining the delay, the game’s executive producer Sami Ronkainen said that the previous game was built on Rovio’s own engine which was somewhat outdated and impossible to maintain and update on current hardware and software as there have been several versions of the Angry Birds title released for different purposes. . OS and platforms.

Angry Birds Classics will now be developed using Unity. Rovio plans to release the game on several platforms. Many improvisations will be added such as making the text localizable so the game can be presented in more languages, giving players an easier way to return the bird to the catapult, and allowing to zoom in without accidentally throwing the bird, and so on.

Rovio brings back Angry Birds in 2022

In addition, a cloud-saving feature will be added so that players don’t have to start over after changing their device. In addition, the team removed the annoying ads, making the title premium. But to maintain originality, the developers aim to include as many characters, levels and gameplay as they used to.

The Angry Birds series is one of those games or perhaps the only game that brought a revolution in the gaming industry. After releasing its first title in 2009, this game rocked the world with its fun and addictive gameplay. But Rovio failed to continue the cash cow because of some of their actions.

The company is geared to make more money by showing unnecessary ads and in-app purchases, thereby turning people away from the game. However, it’s nice to see Rovio has finally decided to bring back the classic title on the app store.