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Rise of Kingdoms PC Problem: Still Many Bugs

Now you can play the PC version of Rise of Kingdoms without having to use third-party emulators like BlueStack again. RoK PC is an official application made by the developer himself, Lilith Games.

A few days ago, Lilith shared the download link for the Public Beta version of Rise of Kingdoms PC via Discord Official, and I tried it immediately and it was quite satisfying overall.

how to solve rise of kingdoms pc error

RoK on my PC runs at a steady 60fps heavy frame rate. Compared to the BlueStack version, there is no significant difference in terms of gameplay with that of a smartphone.

Although it must be admitted that there are still many bugs and shortcomings compared to the Bluestacks version. I’ve seen other users experience it too.

But naturally, yes, the name is still Beta. I’ve also joined love feedback. Whether or not the bug is fixed is up to their development team later.

What are the Rise of Kingdoms PC complaints and problems that I have experienced? Here are some conclusions.

Verification Error

It’s no secret that in Rise of Kingdoms sometimes there is verification at least once a day to prevent the use of software/plugins such as bots.

Unfortunately, in the PC version of RoK, there is a bug that makes this verification stuck on loading when you want to verify it. So pictures like Captcha which usually appears does not appear.

This was also experienced by one of the creators of Rise of Kingdom on YouTube. Luckily Lilith said they were ‘aware’ of this and fixed it right away.

Emoji Chat Not Working

In chat rooms or alliance chatrooms, private messages (PM) and Kingdom Chat (KC/LKC) we can usually send emojis that are available in-game.

Unfortunately for the PC version of Rise of Kingdoms when we select an emoji and send it doesn’t appear at all. Let’s hope the developer will fix this problem soon.

Bots and Cheats

The biggest input, suggestion and criticism that Lilith received publicly was probably related to their steps and efforts to prevent fraudulent players.

Actually, with the official Rise of Kingdoms PC application, Lilith should be able to control more freely because if she uses BlueStacks, the developer can’t do much.

Can not login

Failed to login is a problem that often occurs. Notifications like “A server restriction issue prevented you from signing in” It means that there is a server restriction issue preventing us from logging into our Rise of Kingdoms account.

The cause and solution for this error are not yet known. But I didn’t experience it myself, but many players complained about the bug so they had to contact RoK Customer Service.

Lag and Glitch

If you feel the lag or glitch that you experience, especially during the war in KvK, it’s very annoying, well, that’s not much.

Due to the fact that the initial PC version of Rise of Kingdoms is still like a half-finished game. Sometimes you can’t even move March troops, so you have to open and close the application.

Can not be opened

It’s different if you can’t login, the application is still open, but this Rise of Kingdoms PC application can’t be opened at all.

This is what happened to a number of users. Let alone to log into their RoK account, just the appearance of the Rise of Kingdoms logo does not exist at all. But this case is only experienced by a few players, and usually the main problem is also in the minimum specifications required.

Those are a number of common problems that often occur on Rise of Kingdoms PC and indeed all the errors or glitches and bugs mentioned above are still understandable in the Beta version, but when they are released to the public they should be minimized.