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Rise of Kingdoms New KD Schedule: Check Your Target Kingdom

According to a request from a friend, we will discuss the schedule for the new kingdom in Rise of Kingdoms. Knowing RoK’s new KD is important, especially for those who are making Jumper account projects with other players.

You have to understand very well when it’s time to create a Jump account to adjust RoK’s new KD schedule so it’s not too early or too late. So as soon as the new Kingdom or the target server opens, you can immediately migrate using Beginner Teleport.
new kd schedule rise of kingdoms

Rise of Kingdoms New Kingdom Server Schedule Explanation

For now as I type this article, there is a new policy for the use of Beginner Migration, an item similar to the RoK Passport Page. An item that is used to move kingdoms and only for newly created accounts.

You have to pay attention to when the Beginner Migration item expires or Expires. For example, the remaining duration is 9 days (as the average of this item expires) then you must also know the forecast of the target kingdom when it will appear.

RoK New KD Server Appears

Almost 3 years of playing, I myself have only joined the Jumpers project once. Even then, I have made the account a farm account now for my main account in the old Kingdom.

In the past, based on my observations, a new kingdom would be formed about 12 to 14 hours between the server that has appeared and the next one.

However that has all changed, maybe it was deliberately replaced by Lilith and slowed down this time. Considering the players in the new KD are mostly governors who have accounts in the old kingdom and make project jumpers.

Rise of Kingdom New KD Schedule Duration Latest version

Now schedule the emergence of the royal server or kingdo. the new it ranges from 30-32 hours. This means create a Jumper account in KD preparation to collect important items in the form of speedups, RSS, VIP Points, EXP Books, Book of Covenants, Gold Heads and so on.

Don’t forget to create a Jump account in advance before the appearance of the new kd you are looking for. Example: my friend and 100 other RoK governors made a project at KD #2789.

Meanwhile, the Rise of Kingdoms server is currently at #2779. Then immediately create a Jump account, which means waiting for 10 other kingdoms to form before jumping to the new kingdom, which is #2789.

Let’s say 1 day appears 1 new kingdom in RoK, Beginner Migration duration is 9-10 days and now has entered #2779. Then you have to make it as soon as possible before the target kingdom, namely #2789 is formed.

Jumpers Account Error

If you join a Jumper project, usually there are instructions given by a leader or leader regarding the schedule for creating an account, which KD to create and which alliance to join, it’s all set.

Don’t make a mistake, the intention is to make a jump account first so that you get more items than other Jumper players later, you can’t even join the targeted kingdom or fail to join the main goal.

Usually if the project jumpers group has done the calculations, it is led and organized by several experienced players. So my advice is to just follow their directions.

Updates: Rise of Kingdoms New Kingdom schedule currently is every 30-31 hours, sometimes 2 new kd appear at once sometimes also only one.