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Rise of Kingdoms Legendary Tavern Info and Schedule

legendary tavern legendary skirt

Some RoK friends may already be familiar with an event that is relatively new, namely the Legendary Tavern or the Legendary Tavern at Rise of Kingdoms. But so far it has only appeared in a fairly old kingdom, about a year after it was formed.

That’s the reason many of my friends in young KD who haven’t even finished KvK Season 3 “LvD”, won’t get this Legendary Tavern. Because it is intended for players who are in the Lost Kingdom “Season of Conquest” (KvK 4 onwards).

Legendary Tavern aka Legendary Tavern is an event to get a Legend commander in Rise of Kingdoms by using a special key. If in the usual Tavern building there is a chest or Chest of Silver Key, Gold Key and Crystal Key, now this is the key specifically for the Sovereign Key.

How do I get the Sovereign Key? The schedule for when Legendary Tavern is present and the rules for this event in Rise of Kingdoms are as follows:

1. Governors can use Sovereign keys or Gems, to open chests and get items in them. Every 10 times the chest is opened, the guarantee guarantee gets the legendary commander and the commander statue (Sculpture / Palbot / Gold Head).

2. Every 200 chests or Sovereign Keys that are opened during the event, you will be given the option to choose the available rewards or prizes 1 (one) time.

3. During the event, if you get a legendary commander who is already Expertise, then you will get an item called Legendary Mark which can be exchanged for other items in the Exchange Shop.

4. The maximum number of chests that can be opened is 2000 per day. However, these limits are reset daily at 00:00 UTC (07:00 WIB). If the Legendary Mark & ​​Sovereign Key item is not used during the event, it will be stored and can only be used again when the next Legendary Tavern arrives.

So how long will the Legendary Tavern last? The event will start on the first day of KvK until it’s finished. A total of approximately 42 days the Legendary Tavern event always appears. So take this opportunity to maximize your favorite Legend commander.

Then how do you get the Sovereign Key in the Rise of Kingdoms Legendary Tavern? There are several options you can do, including:

1. Workshop – Shop or shop building provides Sovereign Keys at a price of 1000 Gems. It is indeed a bit expensive compared to the VIP Shop.

2. VIP Shop – Upgrade your VIP to level 12 to unlock the opportunity to get the Sovereign Key with a 40% discount to 600 Gems from the normal price.

3. Legendary Warriors – For those of you who are spenders on RoK, if you don’t want to make it difficult then you can buy this bundle in the game, to get the Sovereign Key directly.

There is also the probability / chance of getting a legendary commander statue that you can achieve is as follows:

2. Saladin 1x (0.068%)

4. Harald Sigurdsson 1x (0.041%)

5. William I 1x (0.043%)

6. Tomyris 1x (0.066%)

7. Alexander the Great / Alexander The Great (0.111%)

8. Genghis Khan (0.112%)

9. Edward of Woodstock (0.114%)

10. Yi Sun-sin (0.041%)

11. Constantine I (0.067%)

12. Guan Yu (0.042%)

13. Artemisia I (0.024%)

14. Zenobia (0.025%)

15. Chandragupta Maurya (0.026%)

16. Leonidas I (0.023%)

17. Theodora (0.025%)

19. Takeda Shingen (0.041%)

20. Ramses / Ramesses II (0.041%)

Indeed, this Legendary Tavern event is actually just an activity to open the Sovereign Key similar to when we open the Golden Key, it’s just that the contents are indeed the majority of Legend commanders who are difficult to get in young KD.

That’s all we can say about Legendary Tavern or Legendary Tavern, a new event in Rise of Kingdoms to get a specific Commander statue.