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Recommendations for the Strongest Mage Hero for the Beginning of Season 24 of Mobile Legends

Want to push your rank smoothly and quickly to Mythic? Here are recommendations for the strongest mage hero Mobile Legends for the beginning of season 24.

Mobile Legends has just reset season 24 from 23, where all players immediately started competing to raise their rank as high and as fast as possible.

Regarding that, SPIN Esports will help those of you who want to increase your rank quickly at the beginning of the Mobile Legends season.

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By providing recommendations for the strongest Mobile Legends hero mage who can help increase your rank quickly, is there anyone?

List of MLBB’s Strongest Mage Heroes

Cecilion mobile legends
Photo via IG Otaart_chan (pinterest)

The heroes we recommend below are perfect for those of you who want to play solo rank or full team with your colleagues.

  • Cecilion
  • Selena
  • Kagura
  • Vale
  • Valentine
  • Lylia
  • Nana
  • Yve
  • Eudora
  • Angela
  • Luo Yi
  • Lunox
  • pasha
  • Change
  • Mathilda

That’s the list of the strongest mage heroes in the SPIN Esports version that will help you rank up quickly at the beginning of the MLBB season.

You need to know that there are several of them that you should prioritize, namely Cecilion, Selena and Lunox.

The strongest mage in mobile legends
Photo via Zerochan

The reason is because the three mage heroes play a big role in the current game meta, especially Lunox which can destroy the thick meta tanks that are currently popular.

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