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Reasons Why Apple Cuts Production of iPhone SE 2022

The reason why Apple wants to cut production for the iPhone SE 2022 is not because it’s not selling well, guys. But because the conflict between Russia-Ukraine is still ongoing and inflation is rising.

As we both know, Apple has just released the iPhone SE 2022 on March 8, 2022. The release of the latest cellphone from Apple was also warmly welcomed by gadget lovers, because this cellphone already carries a 5G network but the price offered is relatively cheap.

However, now there is less good news from the cellphone. The reason is, Apple inevitably has to cut production from the iPhone SE 2022, this news has also been confirmed directly by Nikkei.

Apple Wants To Slash Production Of iPhone SE 2022, Really?

According to a report released by Nikkei, for the two reasons mentioned above, Apple has now had to cut its latest version of the iPhone SE by 20%. This figure is equivalent to 2 to 3 million units.

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According to several reliable sources, in addition to the reasons for the conflict between Russia and Ukraine and soaring inflation, Apple had to cut production of its cellphones because there were not too many fans.

This is because the SE 2022 is not much different from the SE 2022 series, the difference is only in terms of the chipset and network. For the iPhone SE 2022, Apple has equipped it with the A15 Bionic chipset and is equipped with a 5G network.

Apple Trims iPhone SE 2022
Photo: The Verge

Meanwhile, the iPhone SE 2022 has not used these two elements. However, in terms of design, there are no significant changes that make the appearance of this latest version of the SE normal.

Indirectly, this makes consumers’ attractiveness to the iPhone SE 2022 less.

This opinion is in line with the statement from Isaiah Research analyst, Eddie Han, who said that the SE 2022 is very similar to the SE 2022, so the enthusiasm of buyers to propose to the cellphone is very lacking.

“It looks very much like the iPhone SE (2022), the second refurbishment of the iPhone 8, and is even less likely to arouse consumer interest,” said Eddie Han.

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In addition to the iPhone SE 2022, other Apple products such as Airpods also had to reduce production due to unanticipated demand from consumers. In total, Airpods production will be reduced to 10 million units, you guys!