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Pocket Love: Build Your Own Family in This Cute Simulation Game

Adorable Home is a game by HyperBeard who have launched their latest simulation game, Pocket Love. Pocket Love is a simulation game set in a virtual environment. Players must build their dream house with different pieces of furniture which they can buy using in-game currency. Players must manage their characters and partners in a tiny house.


Players will start their journey by creating their character and character partner. They have to choose from different hairstyles, then the dress can be done later in the game. Once sorted, players can choose their pet.

Players are given two choices, namely a cat or a dog. There are many different colors and styles of cats and dogs for players to choose from. Once done, they can name their pet and move on to the game.

After completing the customization, players are welcomed in a sweet environment where they can start their family. They were given a small room where they could start decorating. Once they earn enough money, they can expand their space and add more furniture. In the beginning, players are given a certain amount of free money to start their journey. A small tutorial helps them on how the game works. Once done, players can start their journey to build the house of their dreams.

Players can choose from a huge catalog of furniture from an extraordinary shop. They can buy furniture that fits their dream home. Initially, only a certain number of pieces of furniture were available for players to purchase. But as they level up, they can buy more available pieces of furniture.

Furniture can be purchased through the shop. Goods are delivered directly to their homes. Players can also get free furniture outside their homes.

Players must have enough money if they want to buy more space and furniture. Players can easily earn money by completing various tasks. After completing these tasks, players are awarded the currency they spend on buying furniture and more space to build. There are also other ways to earn in-game currency.

This game is free to play but there are in-app purchases. If players find the task difficult, they can reset the task by spending some in-game currency or by watching ads. Players can also earn currency by watching ads. They can also get cool accessories and characters by watching ads.


Pocket Love is an adorable simulation game. The graphics are very cute and interesting to look at. There are many pieces of furniture available for players to build their dream house.

This game is free to play although there are in-app purchases but it seems there is no need to buy items if players are patient. Players can watch advertisements and perform a number of tasks to earn money which can later be used to buy furniture.

This game can be said to be simple, currently there are not many features that are presented. This game does not have deeper character customization, such as hairstyles and clothes also for pets.

Overall this is a solid simulation game. Although it lacks some features, it is a great game. If you want to play a simple simulation game, this might be for you. This game also doesn’t force you to play for hours.

Pocket Love
Pocket Love